Guests – we love ‘em! But some are a headache for housekeeping at your hotel or B&B.

When you run a hotel or B&B you find yourself catering for guests from all walks of life….. and some guests leave behind more than you bargained for. So how do you ensure there’s no trace left of a night on the tiles, a sudden illness, or a child’s ‘accident’? That’s where bio-enzyme sprays come into play. 

Aroma Care Solutions has a range of antibacterial cleaning products suitable for showing a home to its best advantage. Fragrances used as all natural essential oils carefully chosen to have wide appeal and smell fresh and clean.

Nothing will put guests off more quickly than thinking your hotel or B&B is unclean and unhygienic. No-one wants to sleep in a room that isn’t smelling fresh and clean. A stale smell will hit them the minute they open the door. Simply masking it won’t be enough – the most unpleasant smells will linger, especially if spills and stains have seeped into the carpet or soft furnishings.

A brilliant way to eliminate such smells is to use a bio enzyme spray cleaner such as Aroma Care Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula that gets to the root of the problem, killing germs and eradicating smells.

Bio-enzymes “eat up” chemicals that cause nasty smells, changing them forever into different substances that are inoffensive. The Formula’s biological action also stops bacteria in spillages from creating more smelly chemicals. So you can rest assured that when it’s clean, it’s clean. Your guests won’t experience nasty smells returning.

And to make life even easier, Aroma Care Solutions’ Little Accident Box contains everything else you need to clear up three spills, from disposable gloves and aprons to zipped bio-hazard disposal bags and Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula with its antibacterial action.


Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula

Aroma Care Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula works:

  • – With the use of enzymes and ‘good bacteria’, eliminate smells forever
    – And is effective on urine, sick and poo
    – And uses ‘good bacteria’ to eliminate ‘bad bacteria’ in spills, preventing further smells
    – For up to 24 hours after application whilst the bad bacteria exists
    – To kill up to 99.9% of germs with its separate antibacterial action
    – On all hard surfaces and most soft furnishings 
    – To leave behind a fresh fragrance of natural botanical essential oils.

Another product ideal for helping you to clean up your hotel or B&B is:

Little Accident Box

The Little Accident Box makes it easy to mop up those unexpected accidents, with absorbent granules to soak up the mess, scrapers, protective clothing including face masks and a textile cleanser to use alongside the bio enzyme spray.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Bio-enzyme Odour Management Formula - the Bio-enzyme odour eradicator did exactly what it said it would. Within 24 hours the unbearable smell of vomit across the back seat of my car was gone.
Mrs MC
Little Accident Box - the Little Accident Box means I can go out and about with my disabled son without worrying about his vomiting episodes. I have everything I need for a quick and discreet clean up.
Mrs TM