Looking after a group of children can be challenging.

Whether in a classroom environment, a sports hall or out on the field, invariably there is always a risk of toilet accidents or sickness.


Ofsted head Amanda Spielman said more and more children in the UK were unable to use the toilet before starting school, creating difficulty for teachers struggling to cope with a number of accidents, disrupting other children in the classroom and creating a ‘terrible social impact’ on the children concerned.

When such incidents occur, with so many children to look after you need a product that will work quickly and effectively, leaving floors and furniture, and any carpets or curtains, looking and smelling as good as new in no time.

Aroma Care Solutions has a whole range of industrial strength, eco friendly cleaning products which combine science with natural elements to serve as versatile solutions for cleaning and malodour management.


Bio-Enyzme Odour Management Formula

Aroma Care Solutions unique Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula:

– Eliminates smells forever using enzymes and ‘good bacteria’
– Effectively eliminates the smell of urine, vomit and faeces
– Uses ‘good bacteria’ to eliminate ‘bad bacteria’ in spills, preventing further smells
– Continues to work for up to 24 hours after application whilst the bad bacteria exist
– Kills up to 99.9 per cent of germs with its separate antibacterial action
– Works on both soft furnishings and hard surfaces
– Leaves behind a fresh fragrance of natural botanical essential oils

Other products ideal for helping you to clean up in the classroom include:

Little Accident Box

Everything you need to know for a discreet, effective clean after an accident. Enough for three accidents, The Little Accident Box contains gloves, a mask, apron, Absorbent Aromatic Granules, a sealable bag, Textile Cleansing and Hygiene Formula and an antibacterial wipe.

Direct to Floor Cleaner

Using antibacterial ingredients the Direct to Floor Cleaner is a great way to remove spills and stains to eliminate odour leaving hard floors hygienically clean.

Antibacterial Hard Surface Cleaner

A fast, effective way to sanitise hard surfaces around the home, leaving them hygienically clean and fresh.

Deodorising Powder for Carpets

A gentle, expertly formulated odour eliminator ideal for refreshing the scent of carpets and furniture without the use of irritating chemicals.

Carpet Deodoriser

Customers reviews

What people say?

The Little Accident Box means I can go out and about with my disabled son without worrying about his vomiting episodes. I have everything I need for a quick, discreet clean up.
The toileting accidents on the carpeted route between the bedroom and the bathroom became so frequent that the odour was unbearable and I was embarrassed when visitors came. The upheaval of changing the carpet was too much for me to deal with. The Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder solved the problem. I simply sprinkled it all over the carpet and hoovered it up a few hours later. The awful smell was replaced with a natural minty campherous spa like smell that both of us liked.
Mrs SW