Fresh, clean and lovely …. retirement homes don’t have to smell like hospitals…

…although they do have to be clean. Residents expect high levels of hygiene. So it’s imperative to find effective ways of cleaning up accidents and spills that can lead to lingering smells. That’s where bio-enzyme cleaners come into their own.


…is to use a bio enzyme spray such as Aroma Care Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula that gets to the root of the problem, both killing germs and eliminating smells.

Bio-enzymes “eat up” the chemicals in bodily fluid spills and stains that give rise to lingering smells. They change them into different chemicals so that they don’t come back. The Formula’s biological action also crowds out ‘bad’ bacteria in spillages, preventing them from creating more smells.

Aroma Care Solutions offers a unique range of products that help you say goodbye to those awful moments when you thought you’d cleaned up, but the smells return.



Bio-Enyzme Odour Managment Formula

Aroma Care Solutions unique Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula:

  • – With the use of enzymes and ‘good bacteria’ eliminates smells forever
  •  Effective on urine, vomit and faeces
  • – Uses ‘good bacteria’ to ‘eliminate bad bacteria’ in spills, preventing further smells
    – Continues to work for up to 24 hours after application whilst the bad bacteria exist
    – Kills up to 99.9% of germs with its separate antibacterial action
    – Works on both soft furnishings and hard surfaces
    – Leaves behind a fresh fragrance of natural botanical essential oils


Easy to use and costing as little as per application, the Formula can be used in conjunction with Aroma Care Solutions’ Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula that gives an extra deep clean to fabrics on furnishings.

Other products ideal for helping you to clean up in a retirement home include:

Little Accident Box

Everything you need to know for a discreet, effective clean after an accident. Enough for three accidents, The Little Accident Box contains gloves, a mask, apron, Absorbent Aromatic Granules, a sealable bag, Textile Cleansing and Hygiene Formula and an antibacterial wipe.

Direct to Floor Cleaner

Using antibacterial ingredients the Direct to Floor Cleaner is a great way to remove spills and stains to eliminate odour leaving hard floors hygienically clean.

Protective Loo Guard

An antibacterial, fresh smelling fluid expertly formulated to repel faecal matter and minimise malodours, whilst making cleaning easy.

Deodorising Powder for Carpets

A gentle, expertly formulated odour eliminator ideal for refreshing the scent of carpets and furniture without the use of irritating chemicals.

Carpet Deodoriser
Absorbant Aromatic Granules

Absorbent Aromatic Granules

Super-absorbent, aromatic natural granules for odour management and the clean up of bodily fluid spills.

Customers reviews

What people say?

As the disease progressed my Mum lost all mobility and spent most of her time in her recliner. There were frequent food and drink spills and my bucket and mop was never far away. The direct to floor cleaner is a quick and convenient alternative. I just spray a bit down and then wipe around with a dry mop or a paper towel for an instant hygienic clean. The bottle looks nice too so I can even leave it out… no more running back and forth to the kitchen cupboard.
Mrs FP
One of the most distressing side effects of my chemotherapy is the disruption to my digestion. My bowel movements resulted in a pebble dash effect around the toilet bowl. The loo guard enables me to coat even the underside of the seat prior to using the toilet and allows debris to fall away and prevents anything from sticking. Dignity back under control!
Mrs HW