Dog Owners Keep Their Homes Fresh with Bio-Enzymes

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We all know the UK is a nation of animal lovers – as a Scottish estate agent confirmed recently when revealing that adorable cats and dogs can even help to sell a home.

A handsome dog in the garden or cuddly cat curled up on the sofa can add to a home’s kerb appeal, according to estate agents Slater Hogg and Howison.

However, there’s a limit. Prize pooches may look good in promotional pictures but they don’t add to a home’s “kerb appeal” if it doesn’t smell fresh and clean.

“The lingering smell of damp dog is not attractive to everyone and it can be very difficult to eradicate, having built up over time,” said cleaning expert Quentin Steele, founder of Aroma Pet Care Solutions.

“We all love our dogs – of course we do – but sadly have to admit that they do leave their mark in the home, even without the ‘little accidents’ that happen from time to time.

“Keeping on top of the cleaning is essential and happily today pet owners can use bio-enzyme sprays to completely eliminate malodours and prevent stale smells from lingering.

“These work by eating up the “bad bacteria” producing the pong using a bio-enzyme bacterial action, ridding your home of unwanted smells forever.”

Easy to use, Aroma Pet Care Solutions’ pet-friendly Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula contains “good bacteria” that work together with the enzymes to break down complex waste particles that produce smells, thus tackling the problem at its root. Once activated by diluting with water, the solution continues to work for up to 24 hours.

The formula is effective on a range of pong-producing substances, including urine, faeces and vomit, as well as food particles and costs as little as 45 pence per application.

“That’s a small price to pay when weighing up the cost for a professional cleaning service in your home,” added Quentin. “You can enjoy a fresh-smelling home and your pets – at the same time.”

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