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Top 10 Uses for Bio Enzyme Management Formula

Our Cleaning and Wellbeing Experts compile their top ten cleaning challenges Whether it’s an offensive odour or the ongoing saga of sticky stains, sometimes the only solution to creating a clean and fragrant home is science. Despite elaborate promises from conventional off-the-shelf cleaning products to eradicate nasty smells and stains in minutes, most fail to deliver – leaving a worrisome

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What are Bio Enzymes & How do They Work

Bio Enzyme, uses natures bugs to clean up our mess. The Bacillus bug present in Bio Enzyme is not harmful in any way to humans or animals. It is a harmless spore and is present both in soil and in the environment. The Bacillus used in Bio Enzyme is a single celled bacteria species (prokaryotic), which means that it can

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Through the loo

On occasion when an ill person is undergoing an unpleasant treatment regime the toilet can be left in horrible state with matter covering both the bowl, the rim and the underside of the seat. The solution? Aroma Care Solutions’ Loo Guard.

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Deal with sickness and vomit

Cleaning up sickness is unpleasant, but it helps if you have everything to hand. Aroma Care Solutions’ all-encompassing Little Accident Box has all you need to clean up to 3 spillages, from protective gloves, aprons and charcoal face masks to bio-hazard sealed disposal bags.

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Stay composed

Retching is an involuntary response to bad smells caused by soiling and vomiting. But you will be surprised how much easier cleaning up is when your senses are distracted by the intense smell of minty and camphorous natural essential oils!  Try our Nose Guard Aromatic Balm, with or without our charcoal masks, and see how much easier it gets. Simply rub

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Don’t spread germs

It’s well known that bacteria can spread from raw meat to chopping boards, knives and even kitchen surfaces so it’s important to wipe down with an antibacterial cleaner.

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