About Us

The inspiration for the Aroma Care Solutions range came from a chance meeting between Quentin Steele and Julie Foster. Quentin, the founder, is an expert in hygiene and odour management and has worked within the cleaning industry for over 30 years. Julie had previously cared for a disabled relative in her home. The consultant aromatherapist, perfumer and product designer felt there were no products available that truly met her needs, and collaborated with Quentin to produce a Skin Care range to compliment a new innovative range of Home Care products

As a result of this consultative collaboration, this innovative bespoke range of products was created, applying their personal experiences to home and personal care.

Their sentiments: no one should be embarrassed when being cared for. The range, whilst providing solutions, aims to create the feeling of being pampered, to provide a little bit of luxury, which can mean so much more than you think.

About Aroma Care Solutions

 Aroma Care Solutions is a professional grade range of cleaning, hygiene, odour management, protective, personal and "spill clean-up" products expertly reformulated and perfumed for use in the non-professional setting of a domestic home.

There are two elements to the brand. The first comprises home cleaning, hygiene, odour management and spill solutions. The second part of the range portfolio comprises personal care and protective products for "the carer" and "the cared for" including those who are caring for themselves independently at home.

The professional grade products are effective, with a high organic content and are exquisitely scented to ensure that cleansing, including intimate care is easier, more convenient, more dignified and more pleasant for all concerned in the home setting who are unlikely to have professional training and experience.

All Aroma Care Solutions products are made in the UK with careful attention to providing premium quality products and avoiding any harm to the environment.

We have chosen our packaging and labels to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, and we minimise the footprint of our production by turning lights off whenever possible and encouraging our staff to either cycle to work or work from home. On that note, we also do our bit to help the people who work for us by enabling family-friendly, flexible working.

Our products are sourced from sustainable suppliers, locally where possible, and we avoid any unnecessary chemicals that might irritate you and your loved ones or cause harm to plants, animals or the environment. We are careful to select only ingredients that will not be harmful when disposed of, and that will not harm aquatic life or the environment.

Aroma Care Solutions for the Home
An expert range of cleaning, odour management and hygiene products used by professional cleaners and hygiene managers reformulated with fine perfume and gentle botanicals for use in the domestic home. The product range is inspired by the needs of carers and “the cared for” but they are a popular choice for anyone requiring expert hygiene and odour management solutions in the domestic setting.

Aroma Care Solutions for the Skin
This is a range of exquisitely scented products to deep cleanse and protect the skin whilst meeting the specific needs of the carer and the cared for. It includes expertly blended hand care products to protect and hydrate the skin whilst leaving hands and nails hygienically clean with a gentle pleasant scent. There is also a nose guard balm which protects against malodour, comfortable charcoal face masks and a choice of cleansing products for the hands, body and hair.

As well as exquisite perfumes and luxurious ingredients great care has been taken with the packaging to ensure that the products can be left out on show and within easy reach without any embarrassment. The labelling is carefully designed to ensure that the clear and necessary information or reference’s to the challenges of hygiene and odour management are on a swing tag with the option of being easily removed after purchase. This enables the products to be given as luxurious but very practical gifts as well as being bought for personal use as an expert solution to the challenges of cleaning, hygiene, spill clean up and odour management in the non-professional setting

 Our Founder

Quentin Steele is a founder of Professional Cleaning Services, and has a long experience in providing the highest quality cleaning, hygiene and odour-management solutions around the UK. He has brought his experience of professional commercial cleaning to bear in developing a range of Home Care and Skin Care products to allow carers access to the highest-quality products to use in their own home.

Our Consultant

Julie Foster is a perfumer and Aromatherapist, highly skilled at creating natural fragrances that soothe and inspire.
Julie has experience as a home carer, having cared for a close relative, in a collaborative role, brought her consultative experience to bear in creating the perfect blends for the Aroma Skin Care Solutions range.