Dissolvable Laundry Bags – 30 Bags


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Our laundry bags are completely soluble and biodegradable and are kind to the environment

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Information Note: The ideal solution for transporting, storing and washing soiled or unpleasant smelling laundry. No need to handle the laundry contents as the filled bag is put unopened into the washing machine.

The laundry bag dissolves at 30 degrees plus leaving no residue. (This is the same technology as the pouch that your laundry detergent comes in or your dish washer tabs are wrapped in). The bags are also suitable for holiday makers or students. Bring all your laundry back inside the closed bag and put the unopened bag straight into the washing machine. The bags prevent the risk of bed bugs and other crawling mites being introduced to your home from less hygienic or overseas bedrooms. They also provide a dignified and discreet solution if one is helping with the laundry for someone else. No embarrassing worries about underwear or stains on show as the dirty laundry is never handled – it simply goes into the washing machine in the bag. From a health and hygiene perspective laundry soiled with bodily fluids that potentially could be an infection risk are contained reducing the infection risk to anyone handling that soiled laundry.

Useful for: 

 Containing odours from soiled clothes, sheets and towels
• Allows hygienic storage of dirty laundry with no odours
• No need to remove from the bag before washing – the bag dissolves in the washing machine