Reusable Eco Face Mask Duo Pack.


Our eco-friendly face masks are made from 70% recycled materials and soft cotton to ensure a comfortable fit.

Available in a pack of two so you always have a spare to hand. Made from moisture wicking, breathable material and double layered for extra protection.

Machine washable and light weight.

Made from 40% recycled polyester, 30% recycled cotton and 30% cotton.

  • Reusable, double layered mask.
  • Ear loops for secure fit.
  • Fits over N95 mask.
  • Machine washable at 30°C.
  • Wash after every use
  • Packs and cartons are non-returnable.


SAFETY: If skin irritation occurs immediately stop using the mask. If irritation persists consult your primary care provider.

This face cover is designed to aid defence against the spread of infection. It makes no assurances that it can prevent transmission or infection of disease or viruses. It is not a medical or clinical mask and should not be used under any circumstances where infection level is high or it could be exposed to high level heat sources or combustible substances.

This product should not be used by individuals with lung diseases, like emphysema or chronic heart disease, in consultation with and as advised by a primary care physician or other qualified health professionals.

Weight: 145 gsm