Urine Smells


We all know how difficult it is to completely eradicate the smell of urine.

Rather than just masking it, a brilliant way to remove urine smell is to use a Bio enzyme cleaner that ‘eats up’ the chemicals producing the pong using a bacterial action.


Bio enzyme cleaners can get rid of urine smells forever. Rather than just masking it, a brilliant way to remove vomit smell is to use a Bio-Enzyme cleaner that ‘eats up’ the chemicals producing the pong using a bacterial action. Bio enzyme cleaners can get rid of sick smells forever.

Costing as little as per application!

Using Bio-Enzymes are cheaper than car valeting or specialist dry cleaning and more effective than sprays that simply just mask the smell.

When problems like this occur, you need a product that will work quickly and effectively, leaving your floors and furniture, and carpets or textiles, looking and smelling as good as new in no time

Aroma Care Solutions has a whole range of industrial strength, eco friendly cleaning products which combine science with natural elements to serve as versatile solutions for cleaning and malodour management.

Key Benefits

Aroma Care Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula

  • 24 Hours

Works for up to 24 hours after application of the formula.

  • Kills Bacteria

Eradicates the ‘bad’ bacteria that produce the offensive smells.

  • No chemicals

Bio-Enzymes are naturally occuring, therefore do not contact chemicals.

  • Many uses

Works on carpets, textiles, soft  furniture, bathrooms, floors etc.


Bio-Enyzme Odour Managment formula

Aroma Care Solutions unique Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula works:

  • – With the use of enzymes and ‘good bacteria’, eliminate smells forever
    – And is effective on urine, sick and poo
    – And uses ‘good bacteria’ to eliminate ‘bad bacteria’ in spills, preventing further smells
    – For up to 24 hours after application whilst the bad bacteria exists
    – To kill up to 99.9% of germs with its separate antibacterial action
    – On all hard surfaces and most soft furnishings 
    – To leave behind a fresh fragrance of natural botanical essential oils.

Step by Step

Steps 1-4 for removing malodours permanently

  • STEP 1

Remove solid matter

Protect yourself with disposable gloves and apron, then gently remove all solid matter and wipe clean.

  • STEP 2

Dilute with water

Dilute Bio-enzymes Formula 1:10 parts tepid water and shake spray bottle to mix contents together. To be used within 24 hrs of dilution.

  • STEP 3

Apply to affected area

Apply generously to the affected area. For soft furnishings and carpets wipe first with Aroma Care Solutions Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula, a naturally fragranced cleaner with a powerful antibacterial action.

  • STEP 4

Leave to dry

Works on carpets, textiles, soft  furniture, bathrooms, floors Once applied, remove any excess, leave to dry and feel safe in the knowledge that the odour has been removed permanently.etc.


We have many products designed to help with the clean up of all malodour issues.

Little Accident Box

Everything you need to know for a discreet, effective clean after an accident. Enough for three accidents, The Little Accident Box contains gloves, a mask, apron, Absorbent Aromatic Granules, a sealable bag, Textile Cleansing and Hygiene Formula and an antibacterial wipe.

Direct to Floor Cleaner

Using antibacterial ingredients the Direct to Floor Cleaner is a great way to remove spills and stains to eliminate odour leaving hard floors hygienically clean.

Antibacterial Hard Surface Cleaner

A fast, effective way to sanitise hard surfaces around the home, leaving them hygienically clean and fresh.

Deodorising Powder for Carpets

A gentle, expertly formulated odour eliminator ideal for refreshing the scent of carpets and furniture without the use of irritating chemicals.

Customers reviews

What people say?

The toileting accidents on the carpeted route between the bedroom and the bathroom became so frequent that the odour was unbearable and I was embarrassed when visitors came. The upheaval of changing the carpet was too much for me to deal with. The Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder solved the problem. I simply sprinkled it all over the carpet and hoovered it up a few hours later. The awful smell was replaced with a natural minty campherous spa like smell that both of us liked.
Mrs SW
I have mobility issues and even standing still at the toilet can be difficult and I leave embarrassing puddles. I now put the absorbent granules around the pedestal which contain the smell and the wet and are easy for my daughter to sweep up. I was so embarrassed before and aware of the smell – this has made such a difference.