Illness and ‘little accidents’ can be particularly difficult to clean up in a taxi or private hire car.

If you drive a taxi or private hire car it’s the moment you dread. When someone throws up or has a “little accident” in your vehicle you can’t take any more passengers until the mess is cleaned up and the smell is gone. A trip to the nearest valet cleaning service isn’t always possible at night. So what can you do to banish lingering smells?

Aroma Care Solutions’ Little Accident Box has everything you need to clean up on the go, including protective equipment and Absorbent Aromatic Granules to soak up the mess. 

The ‘star’ of the box, the Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula, cleans upholstery and carpets with an antibacterial action and banishes smells.

Time off the road is expensive and you don’t want to let your next passengers down.

If you don’t tackle urine and vomit spills straightaway they will soak in and create lingering smells. Especially in enclosed spaces such as cars and taxis the stench can become unbearable.

Aroma Care Solutions’ Little Accident Box has everything you need to clean up on the go. Just pop it in your vehicle or carry it with you for complete reassurance that even if you do have a “little accident” when out and about, you will be able to clean up properly and not leave a mess behind.



Little Accident Box

Each Little Accident Box Contains:

  • – Nitrile gloves, disposable aprons, charcoal masks
  • – Disposable cloths, anti-bacterial wipes, scrapers, yellow bio hazard sealed bags
  • – Sachets of absorbent granules for soaking up spills
  • – Aroma Care Solutions’ Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula with antibacterial action

Other products ideal for helping you to clean up in a car or taxi include:

Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula

The Bio-Enzyme Formula is designed to eradicate the malodours caused by bodily fluid spills on textiles, sinks, baths, showers, plug holes, wet rooms, vehicles and car interiors. This formula eradicates the malodours, unlike other products which just mask the smell.

Textile Cleansing & Hygeiene Formula

Antibacterial fabric cleaning spray with added silver to neutralise and protect against bacteria and malodours, with natural botanicals. Suitable for furniture and carpets.

Customers reviews

What people say?

The Bio-enzyme odour eradicator did exactly what it said it would. Within 24 hours the unbearable smell of vomit across the back seat of my car was gone.
Mrs MC
It was exhausting trying to keep up changing and washing my wife’s clothes and cleaning upholstery after food spills. With the textile cleanser I can conveniently spray and wipe which is so much less tiring and it leaves a lovely scent.