Top 10 Uses for Bio Enzyme Management Formula

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Man Dancing with Bio-Enzyme Cleaning Product

Our Cleaning and Wellbeing Experts compile their top ten cleaning challenges

Whether it’s an offensive odour or the ongoing saga of sticky stains, sometimes the only solution to creating a clean and fragrant home is science.

Despite elaborate promises from conventional off-the-shelf cleaning products to eradicate nasty smells and stains in minutes, most fail to deliver – leaving a worrisome whiff and bothersome blots around your home. But one revolutionary new product has hit the headlines due to its unique bio-enzyme formula.

Aroma Care Solutions is a new range of products some specifically designed to permanently eliminate odours and stains, without the use of harmful chemicals, by using the power of science and bio-enzymes. A modern scientific formula, for use in today’s ever evolving world, designed to eradicate malodours. It also provides a touch of luxury to everyday tasks and uses the principles of aromatherapy combined with the power and efficacy of industrial products.

Here, Aroma Care Solutions Managing Director Quentin Steele takes an in-depth look at the most problematic perpetrators around the home. He has compiled a Top Ten of everyday battles – whether it be stains or smells – and explains how to tackle these tiresome tribulations with this single solution.

Removing pesky odours

Is there an awful smell coming from your kitchen sink or bath plug? There’s nothing worse than a lingering pong filling your clean home. We often think these odours are due to trapped food particles or stagnant water. Specially crafted to stay active for up to 24 hours. Bio-Enzyme Formula attacks pathogens in the system and waste pipes, eradicating the odour. Pour it down the target area and leave for as long as possible.

How to handle the smell of urine.

We love our pets but sometimes even our furry friends can cause a wicked whiff around the home. How many times do our pampered pets leave an unwanted present. Not just on the floor, but also on the sofa and even the expensive rug? Simply mix 10ml of the concentrated Bio-Enzyme Formula with 100ml of tepid water and spray over the affected area. If the target area is bed linen or clothes, leave the formula on and wash in the normal manner. If urine is on a hard surface, just spray the mixed solution over the affected area. Then use a clean cloth to wipe the surface area dry.

The easy way to clean a dirty shower head.

Showers are supposed to be relaxing and a great way to start the day. But if your shower head isn’t clean, you could be bathing in bacteria. Not only is it an unpleasant thought, but you could be putting yourself at risk of getting ill. For a smaller shower head, dilute 10ml of Bio-Enzyme Formula in 100ml of tepid water. Using a hard tooth brush, rub the surface of the head to remove fungus. Then pour the solution into a plastic bag and leave the shower head inside for a minimum of 3 hours. After, scrub the residue, rinse and replace.

For a larger shower head, place it into a bucket containing approximately 30ml Bio Enzyme Formula. Add 300ml of tepid water and leave to soak for a minimum of 3-4 hours. Occasionally rubbing off the residue with a toothbrush. Repeat as necessary.

Your glasses.

Finger marks and smudges on your glasses can make life a lot less rosy. Day-to-day handling of your specs can leave troublesome prints that aren’t easy to erase. Sometimes the bottom corner of your shirt isn’t the best means to a smudge-free life. Simply spray with Bio Enzyme, wipe off with a soft tissue or glasses cloth. All of the finger marks and grease will have disappeared leaving the lens crystal clear.

Washing up water marks on the stainless steel drainer.

There’s nothing worse than standing at the sink, making your way through the endless dirty dishes from last night’s dinner – only to put your newly-sparkling saucepans on a dull drainer which is covered in water marks. With the Bio Enzyme mixed formula, spray liberally and leave for 5 -10 minutes. Take some kitchen roll, or a micro fibre cloth and rub over the surface making sure the cloth or paper can absorb the formula.

Stainless steel and chrome furnishing.

Finger marks and sticky stains are not just found on glasses and drainers. These bothersome blots can often be found on stainless steel furnishings, door handles, taps, rails, support columns for partitions, and so on. Apply the Bio Enzyme Formula to the relevant areas, use a paper towel or a micro fibre cloth to wipe down the problem area.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most streak-free reflection of them all? So many things can cause marks on your mirror – with the list ranging from water marks and daily smudges to make-up and toothpaste. Simply spray the Formula on to the mirror, wait a few moments and wipe off with kitchen roll. Finger marks disappear and the mirror is left clean and bright.

Bathroom and shower cubicles.

Bathrooms are full of hot steam and with the shower being the more frequent victim, therefore it’s important to ensure you clean those tiles and mirrors to remove the residue left from the soapy steam. Spray Bio-Enzyme on the tiles and the surrounds, leave for 5-15 minutes and wipe off with paper towel. The dullness disappears and is replaced with a shiny sparkling look accompanied with a pleasant fragrance.

Guest toilet

Avoid the panic that comes from an unannounced guest asking to use the toilet. Is it clean? Did you get under the rim? Have you destroyed those offending bugs and possible odour – the kind that only comes from kids and untrained grown-ups! Gently wipe the seat to agitate the Bio enzyme and leave to dry as it remains active for up to 24 hours.

Babies’ highchair.

Little ones just love to make a mess – it’s their purpose in life. How many of us have had the spoon all lined up and just at that vital moment found the most adorable face in the world is just no longer there! Those tiny hands are now rubbing the food all over the table top? Simply spray, wipe away all of the debris with a kitchen paper towel. Re spray wipe the top and leave the Bio Enzyme formula to continue to work whilst it dries.

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