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Spik ‘n’ span…Research shows UK loves its housework

As Spring cleaning reaches fever pitch, new research reveals how much the UK loves doing its housework. Two-thirds of Brits give their home a regular clean, at least daily or weekly. Aroma Care Solutions’ study also found some even clean their house on an hourly basis
Natural cleaning

The UK loves to vacuum, polish, dust, sweep and clean up according to new research.  Indeed, as Spring cleaning reaches fever pitch the findings reveal that two-thirds of Brits give their home a regular clean, at least daily or weekly.

In fact, it breaks down to an equal split of 33% each, of those polled, between those who do the housework weekly or daily.

Some, 0.5% even clean their homes on an hourly basis!

Meanwhile, others appear to take a more relaxed approach to cleaning their properties, with just over 2% doing it monthly, almost 1 per cent doing it quarterly and almost 9 per cent claiming to never do it.

Catherine Hevey from Aroma Care Solutions said: “It appears that many Brits don’t need an excuse to spruce up their homes on a regular basis, whether it’s at the Spring cleaning time of year or any other time.

“Of course, it’s encouraging to see that the UK is a house proud nation overall and perhaps that’s not surprising as doing the housework can be immensely satisfying, as well as the obvious hygiene benefits.”

Further findings from the independent study found that the type of cleaning products was also an important factor for many, with almost half saying that using 100 per cent natural cleaning products was either essential, very important or nice to have.

Catherine added: “How we clean and what products we use is important for many people, with 10 per cent actually stating that using a 100 per cent natural cleaning product is crucial.”

For more information about Aroma Care Solutions and its range of eco-friendly, odour busting cleaning products – Bio one, visit www.aromacaresolutions.co.uk.

  • Research was an independent online poll of UK residents with 500 respondents

What are enzymes?

Don’t be fooled to think that because enzymes are natural they are less effective than chemical cleaners. Enzymes are nature’s very own powerful cleaning tools. Making them the go to choice for customers who do not want to spray harmful chemicals around their children, pets and their home.

Simply put, enzymes are all around us performing millions of important tasks in our bodies and in nature every single day. They are a type of protein that act like a biological catalyst to speed up the break down of organic compounds.

Similarly to how saliva, (which contains enzymes), initiates the digestion process by breaking down food in our mouths, cleaning enzymes use the same ‘enzymatic digestion’ to effectively break down and eradicate the organic proteins present in urine, faeces, vomit, drool, dirt, food, and more.

This process not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the growth of bad bacteria – the root cause of those unpleasant odours – in the air, on surfaces, and within the fibres of your soft furnishings.

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