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Frequently Asked Questions


We get asked all the time about how to deal with Odour, and here are some of the most asked. If you have a specific questions please just drop us a line at [email protected]

Answers to Your Hygiene and Odour Questions

Q: What is a bio-enzyme cleaner?

A: Bio-enzyme cleaning products are products that use non-pathogenic “good “bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains, and malodours. QS

Q: But how do they work?

A: Good bacteria do this by producing enzymes to break down certain molecules, (waste products), into smaller pieces. The bacteria consume these soils and break them down into two basic compounds; carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria grow, consume the soils until it diminishes, (the soil has gone), the activity decreases and can now be washed away. QS

Q: So are these enzymes “alive”?

A: The enzymes in the Bio One™ range are not “alive”, and cannot grow or reproduce on their own. QF

Q: How can I get rid of the horrible smell from the spillage on the back seat of my car?

A: If the surface of the seat is of a fabric, use the Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleanser to breakdown the malodour and stain.  QF

Q: We have a new puppy who is very cute but is leaving little accidents everywhere, what can we do?

A: Our newest member of the range is Bio One™ pet odour remover + refresher. It’s powerful action removes completely all of the odour left by pets, and also refreshes and cleans in the process. It is 100% natural meaning it is completely safe to use around you new puppy.  QF

Q: Our cat has recently had an operation and we have to keep her in for 6 weeks. This has meant getting a litter tray. Every time she uses the tray the smell is overpowering, what can we do?

A: Our Bio One™ pet odour remover + refresher is perfect for litter trays.  Simply spray in the air around the tray and over the tray itself and the enzyme formula will completely remove the odour. It is completely natural so 100% safe to use around pets. QF

Q: I visit my father-in-law twice weekly, often on the way back from the school run with my children. He is very frail and suffers from tremors and clearly has problems with spills and misses around the toilet. The smell can be quite overwhelming as he has cleaning help only once per week. Mrs HJ, Liverpool

A: You could ask his cleaning helper to sprinkle a layer of Aromatic Absorbent Granules around the base of the pedestal which will catch the spills and help prevent them becoming malodorous. They are quick and easy for the cleaner to sweep up when they do come. You could ask him to use the Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleaner too, after using the toilet. It is completely natural and can be sprayed in the air and around the toilet. The scent is stunning and helps remove malodour. Quentin Steele (QS)

Q: I visit my friend regularly who has dementia and is cared for by her husband. She likes me to hold her hand but there are often signs of toilet contamination. What can I do to discreetly deal with this as it distresses me a lot. Mrs AJ, Nottingham

A: The Hand and Nail Barrier cream is designed to put a layer of protection on your skin, to prevent contamination penetrating your skin. It smells amazing and does not need any water. It is easy to massage into your hand and then into her hands and then wipe off with a tissue. Julie Foster (JF)

Q: My hands are becoming dry and chapped with endless hand intensive washing after changing my daughter’s incontinence pads.

A: Try our Extra Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Wash, which has been designed for sensitive skin and for hands that are constantly being washed. It is packed with organic ingredients including extra conditioners and follow with the hand and nail barrier cream. If contamination around the nails is a problem apply the Hand And Nail Guard cream before you start. JF

Q: My sister and her family very kindly look after my disabled 18 year-old son in their home when I have my hair done. Very very occasionally he vomits which embarrasses him terribly and after the last time he said he didn’t want to go again. Mrs MK, Edinburgh

A: Our Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleanser is perfect in these situations. It is completely natural and comes in a concentrated formula ready to mix. It can be used on hard and soft surfaces and is perfect for little accidents such as this. It is tough on odour caused by vomit, eliminating the odour completely, and also has a natural cleaning action.  QS

Q: My mother is living with us temporarily whilst she recovers from bowel surgery. She has a colostomy and occasionally needs help managing it. I am willing to help but find that the odour makes me retch which is distressing for me and her. Mr LC, Cambridge

A: We have a few things that can help here. Our  Nose Odour Guard Aromatic Balm has been designed for this very purpose. A very pleasant strongly aromatic balm (eucalyptus and mint) that you can apply just under your nostrils either with or without a mask will help in just this situation. Also try spraying Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleanser into the air. JF

Q I live alone and have recently been diagnosed with cancer. One side effect of the drug regime are explosive bowel movements which have what I can only describe as a pebble dash effect all over the toilet and under the seat. I am so embarrassed especially as my daughter visits regularly Mr HB, London

A: Our Toilet Cleaner / Loo Guard has been designed to help in this situation. It is applied prior to toilet use around and on the rim and under the seat. It has a non-stick action and allows any debris to fall away or be easily and quickly dislodged. It has a beautiful scent too. QS

Q: My husband occasionally soils himself which is distressing for both of us. We are lucky enough to have a wet room and it is easy to shower away the faeces. Occasionally there is a foul odour from the floor drain. Mrs PJ, Chelmsford

A: Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleanser is an effective solution – the enzymatic action breaks down the particles trapped in the drain that cause the odour. Like all our products it does not include chemicals that might irritate you or your husband or harm the environment. QS

Q: Why should I use Nitrile Rubber Gloves and not Latex?

A: Nitrile gloves are made out of synthetic rubber and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are a concern. Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance and are often referred to as “ Medical Grade”. They also provide better chemical and bio-hazard protection compared to latex gloves. QF

Q: How can I avoid retching when I have to attend to some of the “accidents” that have happened to my mother in her bathroom?

A: These situations are always difficult, but the Nose Guard Aromatic Balm, supplied in a 30ml jar by Aroma Care Solutions really does help. It has a fresh menthol fragrance, coming from a blend of Tee tree Oils and Eucalyptus essential oils. This fragrance helps to keep at bay the malodours caused by these “accidents”, and if used with a Bio One™ odour eliminator + surface cleanser, sprayed into the air and on the surfaces it will make the task easier. QF

Q: What are your delivery and returns policies?

A: For all questions regarding our delivery and returns policy please click here. JF

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