Puppy training made easy

Pee, poop & pups

Our paw’some pups can in time, become our lifelong companion. Spellbound by their puppy dog eyes, loving licks and sofa snuggles we fall for our furry friends. However, not so much for their toilet mannerisms!

When we first bring our pups home it can be chaos training them. Although we can encourage them to use the tactically positioned puppy pads our four-legged friends can sometimes still miss the glaring hints. Their explorative minds being elsewhere!

Unfortunately, sometimes when an ‘oops’ moment occurs, our pups can get used to returning to soil in the same place. No matter how much we think we have cleansed the area, the puppy will still be able to detect the smell of their faeces, urine and ammonia because their toilet matter contains an enzyme which powerfully marks the spot. Bio one™ Pet Odour Remover + Refresher does exactly what it says on the bottle. This product does not attempt to feebly mask the soil but rather targets the soil and breaks down the biological components of the accident. This unique spray eliminates pongs and harmful bacteria, totally diverting your puppy off the scent! Once more, the spray is non-hazardous, so your intrigued pup won’t be able to ingest any nasties.

For best results, wipe down the bulk of the soiled area first before spraying. Once sprayed leave the powerful enzymes to get to action for five to ten minutes and then agitate. All that should be in place of the once soiled spot, should be an aromatic haze of lemon and orange with neroli flower.

Be smug in the knowledge that you can have it all, pride in your home and pride in your pup.



  • Train your pup to go on command. Take your pup on a lead to the area you want it to use and say the cue word. Keep your dog at the spot until it goes, then offer a reward. Only reward your pup when it goes in your desired place
  • Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule and take away their food between meals
  • Take your pup to use the loo first thing and then once every half hour/to an hour so they can get used to a routine
  • Always take your pup outside after meals or when they first wake up from a nap.