Babies can bring so much joy but they can also bring their own unique set of cleaning challenges. If you’re a first-time parent, the stains, smells and cleaning backlog that a tiny human can create may come as a bit of a shock.

Whether your newborn has just had their first ‘poonami’ or your eight-month-old has a fondness for smushing boiled carrot into their best outfits, you’re going to need a whole new set of cleaning hacks to get you through the baby years.

Preparation is half the battle

Although a new baby doesn’t have to mean getting a shedload of equipment, in many cases, that’s exactly what happens. From travel systems, to co-sleepers, to baby monitors, to sleep pods, to swings, to rockers, to breast pumps, to sterilisers, modern parents can find that their homes can be overtaken by stuff for their new housemate. Not to mention, the bags of hand-me-downs many new parents are kindly gifted by friends and relatives.

The glut of baby paraphernalia can be overwhelming and can make keeping your home clean and tidy more difficult than before.

In our infographic, we’ll help you to get ahead of the game by decluttering to make way for your new baby and all that comes with them.

Keeping it chemical-free

With chemical-loaded cleaning sprays and harsh washing detergents firmly off the shopping list, you’re probably looking for natural, alternative solutions that will get the job done. From how to make your own homemade deodoriser to how to get rid of unsightly stains with a few everyday products you probably already have in your kitchen cupboards, our infographic will help you to keep things fresh and clean without having to resort to chemicals and toxins.

Fitting cleaning into your new routine

Trying to fit essential household chores like laundry and dishwashing into the equation can be a struggle, especially in the early days. Between sleepless nights, cluster feeding and soaking up those all-important cuddles, it’s no surprise that keeping your home spic and span can slip down your  list of priorities.

In our infographic, you’ll find advice on how to keep baby happy while catching up on household chores.

If you’re a new or expectant parent, we hope our cleaning hacks help you to overcome some of the little challenges your babe may throw your way.

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