Fight stinky smells

Beat bad odours in clothes & shoes

Most people understand that it’s not the dirt that causes odours in shoes and clothes - soil can smell quite nice and ‘earthy’ - the smell starts with sweat. Sweat itself doesn’t smell either - the smell happens when skin bacteria breaks down the sweat.

So here we are again – back to our old friends bacteria – the cause of the noxious odours we want to rid from our homes, clothes and furnishings.

Bio one™ enzymes are public enemy number one to bacteria. But to us, enzymes are our friends – gentle to people, natural in the environment, non-toxic to pets. Bio one enzymes have one mission – to save people from the toxic odours expelled by bacteria, by ridding the source of the bacteria itself. Simple science, delivered by the power of nature.

To treat your clothes or shoes – either as an interim to washing, or to get rid of a stubborn odour that won’t seem to shift – give it the Bio one treatment! Spray the affected area liberally with Bio one™ odour eliminator + surface cleaner. Inside shoes, the underarms of shirts – you know where the usual suspects gather.

Remember – take your diluted Bio one™  in your spray bottle and apply generously to the affected area. Now wait. The longer you leave it, the more it keeps working.
But remember – while it’s wet, it’s working! So keep spraying to keep the area damp.

You’ll know you’re done when the smell is gone! Now leave to air-dry and you’re done!