Cleaning grease has never been so easy!

Go Grease Lightning!

Greasy residue left behind on kitchen surfaces is never a fun contender to clean up, mainly because it is so darn stubborn and, well, greasy.
Clean grease easily with Bio One

Fatty deposits from this morning’s fry up can often be found splashed everywhere. Be it across the splash back, over the hob and smeared across the kitchen counter tops. Whether it’s an egg that’s been fried, bacon sizzled, or sausages spat, there’s often a trail of grease along with that all too familiar post fry up smell. (A succulent smell pre fry up but not so much post).

Grease is well known to be one of the more difficult residues to remove. This is because grease is a lipid and insoluble in water. Grease latches on hard to whatever surface it is sat on, the main culprit’s clothes or the kitchen counter. Bio One Deep Clean and Surface Cleanser is the ultimate degreaser for the job. This is because this solution uses leading edge science in the form of natural enzymes in a spray bottle. These clever enzymes will digest whatever’s on the surface (a textile surface or hard surface, it doesn’t matter), so long as the affected area has been dampened beforehand then the enzymes will happily get to work by dismantling and breaking apart the component biological structures that cause the grease. A biological army of enzymes which will biodegrade the stubborn grease stain into nothing.

This natural substance, similarly, works with any air-borne smells. If there’s a lingering post fry-up pong wafting around the kitchen you can target your enzyme spray into the air. These tactical enzymes will even digest those fatty odour molecules. Don’t let the grease monkeys put you off your fried breakfast in fear of having to use ‘elbow grease’ after. Let your Bio One spray save the day.