How to get rid of fox poo smell

How to get rid of fox poo smell

Any dog owner knows, all too well, that our pooches have a bit of an obsession with rolling in unpleasant things, with one of the most common being fox poo.

Unsurprisingly, fox poo has a strong odour and if you don’t notice your dog doing it, they might have spread the mess and the smell before you could stop them. If that’s the case, and you’ve been left with a lingering odour that you just can’t budge, here’s what you can do to help.

How to get rid of fox poo smell:

There are a few home remedies for removing that fox poo smell from fabric or hard surfaces. But your best and safest bet is to use a natural enzymatic cleaner like Bio oneTM. Although you’re tackling fox poo and not mess from your pooch, the Bio oneTM pet odour remover acts in the same way, to clean, neutralise and deodorise. The product uses natural enzymes to thoroughly remove any stubborn stains, bacteria and smells – leaving surfaces disinfected. The product is pet-friendly and non-toxic so if the scent needs to be removed from their favourite snuggly spot or bedding, it’s totally safe to do so.

How to use Bio oneTM enzyme cleaner to remove fox poo smell:

  1. Remove any residual fox mess or other solid matter before starting.
  2. Mix the product according to the instructions.
  3. Spray Bio oneTM generously onto the affected area.
  4. For soft surfaces, carefully work the solution into the fibres without rubbing.
  5. The enzymes work best while damp so spray more if you need to.
  6. Leave for 5-10 mins – or more if needed.
  7. Wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally.
  8. Repeat if required.

How to get rid of fox poo smell on your dog:

The best way to get rid of that fox poo smell from your dog, is to give them a bath. Start by rinsing off and removing any of the remaining muck from their fur. Once that’s done, lather up a dog-friendly shampoo to deeply cleanse the hair and help eliminate the odour.

What does fox poo smell like?

If you think your dog has rolled in fox muck, but you’re not sure, it’s actually very tricky to describe the smell. It’s similar to dog poo but even stronger and more pungent. The scent is sometimes referred to as musky. To check whether fox poo is the culprit, it’s perhaps easier to explain how it looks. Fox poos are similar to dog droppings, but they tend to be darker, more twisted and pointier at one end. It’s unlikely you’ll want to get up close and personal with the faeces, but it may be possible to spot things from their diet such as feathers, fur, bones and berries.

How do I get rid of fox poo on my lawn?

Sadly, there’s not really a more sophisticated way to remove fox poo from your lawn than by simply picking it up. Pop on some rubber gloves and use newspaper, paper towel, a trowel or pooper scooper (if you’ve got one to hand) to collect the mess. If you have a dog, use a poo bag, ideally scented, to put the fox off from using your garden as a bathroom next time. Then, place it in your general waste or a dog poo bin. The best way to stop them returning is by keeping your garden tidy. Foxes love overgrown areas with places to hide so it’s time to get the mower and pruning shears out. Close bins securely so food smells don’t waft in the air and tempt them.

Why are dogs attracted to fox poo?

The jury’s out on exactly why dogs are drawn to fox poo. It’s most likely something instinctual, left behind from their non-domesticated wolf past, but here’s a few possible explanations:

  • They simply enjoy the smell and the act of covering themselves in it.
  • They’re masking their own scent so they can go undetected when hunting.
  • They want to take the alluring foxy odour back to their ‘pack’ to let them know about their find.
  • They prefer being dirty and smelling natural rather than clean and citrus-perfumed.

Is fox poop toxic to dogs?

Not only does fox poo have an obnoxious aroma, it can also be dangerous for your pooch. If dogs eat the faeces or even simply roll in it and lick to clean, they could ingest nasty bugs lurking inside. That means foxes could pass on any diseases that they have. More commonly, foxes have parasites or worms that can cause illness in dogs and even be passed on to humans.

The most common parasites dogs can pick up are:

  • Lungworm
  • Roundworm (otherwise known as Toxocara canis).
  • Hookworm
  • Tapeworm

How do you stop your dog rolling in fox poo?

If your dog is kept on a lead, they have much less opportunity to run off and roll in the good stuff. However, if they’re always frolicking and free, you can train them with a simple ‘leave it’ command to stop them in their tracks or work on their recall skills so they come back whenever you shout their name.