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Banish pongs with Bio one

Rising Temperatures Means Rising Pongs!

As the temperature rises so do pongs in the home, making the great outdoors where you want to be when the sun shines as the great indoors is too smelly!

Indeed, as spring turns to summer and the temperature on the thermometer creeps upwards, then unpleasant smells, such as bins, also make themselves significantly more noticeable.

This is because odour causing bacteria loves the hot summer temperature, growing faster than ever and releasing more odour causing molecules – more often than not, too much to handle for the average nostril.

And according to independent research from Aroma Care Solutions there are certain areas and objects in the home which will be the smelliest, possibly making them best avoided if not treated.

Of those surveyed, bins are the most malodorous object. Left unemptied and uncleaned, this household object could soon be making its unwanted presence felt with an assault on the nose as summer takes hold.

Meanwhile, other areas around the house which could soon be ‘Top of the Pongs’ in summer, are drains, toilets and dirty dishwashers, as well as pet smells.

Quentin Steele, from Aroma Care Solutions, commented: “Our independent survey has highlighted the five worst smelling places and objects around the house, which are likely to get worse as summer fast approaches.

“Of those polled, most Brits thought bins are the worst smelling thing in their home, followed by drains, toilets, pet smells and dirty dishwashers. All of these are likely to be smellier than ever in the coming months if left untreated.”

Furthermore. additional research then also discovered what bad smells make us feel, with agitation one of the main affects, according to almost 1 in 5 of those polled.

Other emotions triggered by a woeful whiff, which could increase in the near future, include sadness, anger, restlessness and tiredness.

Quentin added: “It’s great to get outdoors in the summer but for some it might also be a welcome relief to escape an overpowering pong in the home. If this is the case, then there are ways to banish unwanted odours using eco-friendly cleaning products like Bio one™ ”

What are enzymes?

Don’t be fooled to think that because enzymes are natural they are less effective than chemical cleaners. Enzymes are nature’s very own powerful cleaning tools. Making them the go to choice for customers who do not want to spray harmful chemicals around their children, pets and their home.

Simply put, enzymes are all around us performing millions of important tasks in our bodies and in nature every single day. They are a type of protein that act like a biological catalyst to speed up the break down of organic compounds.

Similarly to how saliva, (which contains enzymes), initiates the digestion process by breaking down food in our mouths, cleaning enzymes use the same ‘enzymatic digestion’ to effectively break down and eradicate the organic proteins present in urine, faeces, vomit, drool, dirt, food, and more.

This process not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the growth of bad bacteria – the root cause of those unpleasant odours – in the air, on surfaces, and within the fibres of your soft furnishings.

Try out Bio one™ today, vomit and the other nasties is what nature created enzymes for.

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