Rotten food, not rotten smells

Rotten luck

The smell of food decomposing can be so ghastly it can be gag-inducing. Living in a more eco-conscious and eco-passionate world, food waste bins are used more commonly in households than ever before.

The great thing about having a food waste bin is the positive impact it has on helping to ‘do your bit’ to protect the environment. Food waste can be reused as compost for the earth or regenerated into electricity. The cons of doing this is the smell. Rotting food is renowned for being pungent.

Rotting food isn’t just confined to the food waste bin, sometimes life gets in the way, and we can forget to date check products in the fridge. Sometimes our little one’s can neglect to tell us they have left uneaten fruit in their school bag. Whatever the reason may be, the chances are, at some point we will encounter the putrid smell of gone off food.

The reason decaying food smells so bad is that the bacteria which breaks down the food releases a gaseous waste in the process. These tiny little microbes can be a cluster of bacteria’s, yeast and mould and the more they decompose the more earthy their aroma can be.

Whilst we can’t stop the reasons for food rotting, we can stop the smell from festering beyond our control. Bio One™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleaner is the go-to spray for this issue. This spray is an organic blend of tap water and enzymes drawn from the natural environment which is designed to tackle and dismantle the biological structures which cause the odour in bad bacteria. Simply agitate the rotting matter, then spritz and leave for five minutes so that the enzymes can do their job. Infused with botanicals, replace the smell of decay with grapefruit and tea tree in an instant.

Bio One™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleanser isn’t just your regular surface cleanser; it also can tackle airborne smells. If the food waste bin smells each time you open it, spritz your Bio One™ in the food waste bin’s direction and this will activate the enzymes to intercept any bad odours from permeating.

Blot out the rot with Bio One™.