Easy litter tray cleaning with Bio One

The not so pur-fect purrrks of owning a pet

Our furry friends may be the purr-fect pet but the appeal of staring at an unsightly litter tray and the problematic whiff that wafts from the tray sometimes convinces us otherwise.

Litter trays can also be a health hazard to you, your cat and members in your household if they are not maintained as they are a well-known breeding ground for bad bacteria. The fumes coming from an unkempt litter box can be toxic to breathe in as you can inhale ammonia.

Sometimes we can also contract diseases such as salmonella from animal faeces, or fungal infections such as ringworm. (If you are dealing with an extra filthy litter box, we suggest wearing protective gloves and a face mask to prevent germs and pathogens from being transmitted).

It is therefore important to regularly ensure your pet’s ‘bathroom’ is up to the job, in order to protect you and your family from disease-causing microorganisms. Your family pet can suffer too, cats are notorious for being fussy about where they choose to do their business, if their tray is filthy, they may well find a quiet corner in your home.

Here at Aroma Care our ethos is all about responsible cleaning and we care that your household is safe. With Bio One Pet Odour Eliminator and Refresher, as well as being a product which will get the job done, it is also a responsible cleaning product. When you are spraying, be satisfied in the knowledge the formula is nontoxic, non-harmful and pet friendly. Because we truly care about what is going into your home.

We suggest regularly washing your litter tray and replenishing the cat litter. To best do this, wash out the tray, leave the tray damp, spritz over your blend of Bio One Pet Odour Eliminator and Refresher and let the enzymes get to work on the damp surface. Leave the tray damp for five minutes whilst the enzymes neutralise any noxious odours, dissolve any carbon matter and invisible microorganism’s that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Then simply wipe away any remaining residue and feel satisfied the area is refreshed for your pet, now oozing a fragrant waft of lemon and orange with neroli flower, instead of the acrid smell of cat pee – paw’some!


  • Scoop out your cat’s poop and pee daily
  • Place the box somewhere quiet but accessible if possible
  • Regularly spray Bio One Pet to neutralise odours
  • Replace the box every year for hygiene reasons
  • Wash out and spritz the box regularly with Bio One Pet Odour Eliminator and Refresher to eliminate any odours and festering bacteria


You can also use Aroma Care’s Bio One Odour Eliminator to reinvigorate the air around the litter tray.
Simply spray this pet friendly solution in the general direction on a lightly soiled tray and walk away, job done – easy.