Just when you thought Bio-Enzyme couldn't get any better, you find out it has even more uses! How do you use yours?



It's CHEMICAL FREE, Vegan Society Registered, Environmentally friendly and safe for babies and pets.

Bio-Enzyme Cleaner was originally designed to permanently combat odour at the root of the problem by removing the pong causing bad bacteria. But, it is also a phenomenal cleaning product – this is because it actually ‘eats’ the grot and gets rid of it forever – making your cleaning and odour busting tasks quick and easy.

The Bio Enzyme Cleaner comes as a concentrate formula and its power is activated when mixed with water. A 250mls bottle of the concentrated formula, when diluted makes up 25 x 110mls bottles. Each bottle of live, diluted formula lasts up to 4 days and only costs 65p per mixed bottle. A 500mls bottle of concentrated formula, makes up 50 x 110mls, and only costs 45p per mixed bottle.

1. Once diluted and sprayed onto the area, the bio-enzymes work for up to 24hours (while wet).
2. It’s all natural, eco friendly, chemical free and safe for little ones and pets
3. It uses good bacteria to ‘eat’ bad bacteria that produce nasty smells and removes them forever.
4. Bio Enzyme Cleaner kills up to 99.99% of germs with its industry strength antibacterial action.
5. Works on all surfaces and textiles
6. Leaves behind a fresh fragrance of natural botanical essential oils.
7. Bio Enzyme Cleaner is just simply awesome!

Customers reviews

What people say?

I heard about bio-enzyme and thought I would give it a try on my bedroom carpet, where my little boy had had a little toilet accident! I couldn't believe it! Wee smell gone! I had some formula left over, so thought humm what else shall I try it in. One hour later my entire house had been sprayed with bio-enzyme! Wow, it was like new. Seriously my house has never been so clean. Can't recommend it enough. You have to give it a try!
Mrs JD
After seeing how bio-enzyme works I thought I would give it a go on the filters of my cooker hood. Normally the sticky dusty residue that collects in them are very difficult to clean. I simply sprayed on the bio-enzyme formula and left it for 10 mins. When I came back, I could not believe how easy it was to wipe off. It had dissolved all of the nasty sticky dirt, and left my filters as if they were brand new. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Well done Aroma for creating a wonderful product.
Miss PC