About Aroma Care
The inspiration behind Aroma Care Solutions


Inspired! When Aroma Care founder Quentin Steele met perfumer and aromatherapist Julie Foster, the range blossomed!

A Creative Collaboration

Cleaning expert Quentin knows about clean! With 30 years’ experience in both retail and industrial cleaning, he knows how to keep Britain’s business sparkling! But he yearned to bring these incredible products, with no harmful chemicals, to the home – and that required the addition of a special ingredient. His vision was to deploy these wonder products – taking away the grime, grease and odour – leaving behind the natural scent of florals, meadows and botanicals. This gorgeous vision was gloriously realised with the help of perfumer and aromatherapist Julie Foster.

About Aroma Care Solutions

Our offer is simple – a unique collection of professional grade cleaning, hygiene, odour elimination, protection and clean-up – gently formulated for the home. With high organic content, the products are exquisitely scented – leaving a freshness and vibrance that you’ve never experienced before.

Our range is favoured by professional cleaners and hygiene managers, formulated with gentle botanicals and using fine perfumes, expertly and skillfully blended to your home.

Happy people, happy environment, happy homes!

We believe that our range provides the ultimate in cleaning for your home – or even your office. Whether you’re a carer, a parent, a pet owner or just the proud owner of your own personal palace, our products provide multi-use, wide ranging applications for every household cleaning need.

And while we’re caring for your home, we don’t forget your skin! Our gorgeous hand and body products are as gentle as they are protective. The perfect partnership.

Natural ingredients, exquisite perfumes and exotic botanicals that soften your skin, spruce your spirits and soothe your soul!

All Aroma Care Solutions products are made with care in the UK – premium products that don’t harm the environment. Packaging has been carefully selected to reduce our carbon footprint – an ethos we take to heart by encouraging our inhouse reduction with Aroma staff walking or cycling to work – a great opportunity to remind us of the freshness of the outdoors that we bring to all our products. And happy people make happy products – so we have a family-friendly, flexible working scheme, making sure our team are supported and smiling in everything they do.

Our products are sourced from sustainable sources, locally wherever possible, and avoiding unnecessary chemicals – meaning we are pet friendly, non-irritant and won’t even be harmful toy our plants. And after use, even when washed away, there’s no harm to the environment or to aquatic life, further down the chain.

Our Founder

Quentin Steele is a founder of Professional Cleaning Services, and has a long experience in providing the highest quality cleaning, hygiene and odour-management solutions around the UK. He has brought his experience of professional commercial cleaning to bear in developing a range of Home Care and Skin Care products to allow carers access to the highest-quality products to use in their own home.

Our Consultant

Julie Foster is a perfumer and Aromatherapist, highly skilled at creating natural fragrances that soothe and inspire. Julie has experience as a home carer, having cared for a close relative, in a collaborative role, brought her consultative experience to bear in creating the perfect blends for the Aroma Skin Care Solutions range. 

Customers reviews

What people say?

As the disease progressed my Mum lost all mobility and spent most of her time in her recliner. There were frequent food and drink spills and my bucket and mop was never far away. The direct to floor cleaner is a quick and convenient alternative. I just spray a bit down and then wipe around with a dry mop or a paper towel for an instant hygienic clean. The bottle looks nice too so I can even leave it out… no more running back and forth to the kitchen cupboard.
Mrs FP
One of the most distressing side effects of my chemotherapy is the disruption to my digestion. My bowel movements resulted in a pebble dash effect around the toilet bowl. The loo guard enables me to coat even the underside of the seat prior to using the toilet and allows debris to fall away and prevents anything from sticking. Dignity back under control!
Mrs HW