The inspiration for the Aroma Care Solutions range came from a chance meeting between Quentin Steele and   Julie Foster.

Quentin, the founder, is an expert in hygiene and odour management and has worked within the cleaning industry for over 30 years. He collaborated with Julie to produce a Skin Care range to complement a new innovative range of Home Care products. The ethos for the new range was to replace the harsh chemicals in cleaning products and to enhance Aroma’s products to the caring industry and carers in general. In formulating this range, it soon became apparent some of the cleaning products performed a myriad of functions, and are very multifunctional.

There is also a Skin Care range to compliment the Home Care range.

Aroma Care Solutions for the Home

An expert range of cleaning, odour management and hygiene products used by professional cleaners and hygiene managers reformulated with fine perfume and gentle botanicals for use in both the office and the home.The product range was inspired to bring, sustainability/ eco- friendly professional cleaning products. Born out of nature, doing natures work without harmful chemicals. The popular choice for anyone requiring expert hygiene and odour management solutions.


As a result of this consultative collaboration, this innovative bespoke range of products was created, applying science and nature for cleaning in the home, as well as for commercial and personal use.

Their sentiments: no one should have to use cleaning products containing harmful chemicals”.

 The Home Care range, whilst providing solutions, is complimented by the Skin Care range, which aims to create the feeling of being pampered, to provide a little bit of luxury.

About Aroma Care Solutions

Aroma Care Solutions is a collection of professional grade cleaning, hygiene, odour management, protective, personal and ‘spill clean-up’ products expertly formulated for use around the home. With a high organic content, the products are exquisitely scented to ensure quick and effective cleansing.

Our range is used by professional cleaners and hygiene managers, reformulated with gentle botanicals and using fine perfumes to leave a pleasant fragrance throughout the home.

The product range is designed to provide effective clean-up solutions – ranging from carers to those being cared for, but also a popular choice among pet owners, parents of babies or young children and anyone requiring expert hygiene and odour management solutions around the home or in an office or commercial environment.

In addition, our Aroma Care Solutions for the skin ensures effective cleansing and protection for the skin whilst meeting the needs of the carer and the cared for. The range includes hand and body products made up of natural ingredients which nurture the skin, revive the body and mind and soothe and uplift the spirits.

All Aroma Care Solutions products are made in the UK with careful attention to providing premium quality products and avoiding any harm to the environment.

All our packaging and labels have been selected with the utmost care as we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we also turn heat and lights off wherever possible and actively encourage our staff to reduce their own carbon footprint by walking or cycling to work. On that note we also operate a family-friendly, flexible working hours policy to help the people who work for us.

All our products are sourced from sustainable suppliers, locally wherever possible, and we avoid unnecessary chemicals that might irritate you and your loved ones or cause harm to plants, animals or the environment. We are careful to select only ingredients that do not cause damage to the environment or aquatic life when disposed of.


Aroma Care Solutions for the Home

An expert range of cleaning, odour management and hygiene products used by professional cleaners and hygiene managers reformulated with fine perfume and gentle botanicals for use in the domestic home. The product range is inspired by the needs of carers and “the cared for” but they are a popular choice for anyone requiring expert hygiene and odour management solutions in the domestic setting.

Aroma Care Solutions for the Skin

The perfect answer for carers, including those who look after elderly relatives or young children in order to give that little extra TLC along with expert hygiene and odour management. Using the finest nurturing natural ingredients, ethical and gentle, they provide a touch of luxury which help to calm, soothe and uplift the spirits, both for ‘carer’ and ‘cared for’.

Aroma Care Solutions Packaging

As well as exquisite perfumes and luxurious ingredients great care has been taken with the packaging to ensure that the products can be left out on show and within easy reach without any embarrassment. The labelling is carefully designed to ensure that the clear and necessary information or reference’s to the challenges of hygiene and odour management is easily understood and can be seen on the product images or flash cards. This enables the products to be given as luxurious but very practical gifts as well as being bought for personal use as an expert solution to the challenges of cleaning, hygiene, spill clean up and odour management in the non-professional setting

Our Founder

Quentin Steele is a founder of Professional Cleaning Services, and has a long experience in providing the highest quality cleaning, hygiene and odour-management solutions around the UK. He has brought his experience of professional commercial cleaning to bear in developing a range of Home Care and Skin Care products to allow carers access to the highest-quality products to use in their own home.

Our Consultant

Julie Foster is a perfumer and Aromatherapist, highly skilled at creating natural fragrances that soothe and inspire. Julie has experience as a home carer, having cared for a close relative, in a collaborative role, brought her consultative experience to bear in creating the perfect blends for the Aroma Skin Care Solutions range.

Customers reviews

What people say?

As the disease progressed my Mum lost all mobility and spent most of her time in her recliner. There were frequent food and drink spills and my bucket and mop was never far away. The direct to floor cleaner is a quick and convenient alternative. I just spray a bit down and then wipe around with a dry mop or a paper towel for an instant hygienic clean. The bottle looks nice too so I can even leave it out… no more running back and forth to the kitchen cupboard.
Mrs FP
One of the most distressing side effects of my chemotherapy is the disruption to my digestion. My bowel movements resulted in a pebble dash effect around the toilet bowl. The loo guard enables me to coat even the underside of the seat prior to using the toilet and allows debris to fall away and prevents anything from sticking. Dignity back under control!
Mrs HW