Safe for animals, safe for the environment

Bio one™ is 100% Vegan

Why are more and more people deciding to go vegan? Quite simply, because it is not only better for health, but better for the environment too.

Diets that include meat, use more resources to produce food, including land, water and energy – while vegan diets require less cropland and energy. Vegan products also tend to be more sustainably produced, reducing production waste and soaring commodity costs.

Veganism is not just about food, at some point after making the decision to adopt the lifestyle, vegans realise that animal by-products find their way into just about everything, from home décor to cosmetics, to fashion, car interiors and many items that you would not necessarily think of.

But thankfully in today’s society, as with food, there are more and more vegan options – even in cleaning supplies. And luckily, vegans can now be assured that vegan cleaning product brands work just as effectively as any generic brand for the same price.

Concern for the environment influenced product purchases for 48% of consumers in 2020, and brands are being challenged to look for more ethical and responsible sourcing of ingredients. Removing grease and grime in your home is enough of a chore without having to add the hassle of inspecting product labels and ensuring your cleaning routine is ethical doesn’t need to be a huge job.

By using our Bio one™ range, you can be safe in the knowledge that ALL our ingredients are 100% vegan!

The Vegan Society trademark states that in order for a product to meet their standards of being ‘vegan’, they require that the product to include no animal ingredients, derivatives or by-products at any stage of production and that NO animals testing, including on vertebrates and all multi-cellular invertebrates is to be conducted. We here at Bio one™ HQ adhere to these standards 100%.

So how do you know if a cleaning product is suitable for vegans? If there aren’t any vegan credentials on the label, look out for these ingredients commonly found in cleaning products:

  • Caprylic acid (derived from cow’s milk)
  • Oleyl alcohol (derived from fish)
  • Tallow (derived from beef fat)
  • Lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool)
  • Beeswax (derived from bees)
  • Animal lecithin (derived from animals’ nervous tissue)


Here is a list of our Bio one ingredients for comparison.

Bio one™ odour eliminator + surface cleaner

Aqua, also contains non-ionic surfactant, sodium chloride, bacillus subtilis non morbificus, parfum (fragrance), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), citrus paradisis (pink grapefruit), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), citrus limonum (lemon), silver, (citral, geraniol, limonene; all naturally occurring in essential oils).

Bio one™ deep clean + surface cleanser

Aqua, also contains non-ionic surfactant, sodium chloride, bacillus subtilis non morbificus; naturally present in the essential oils; (melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), geraniol, parfum (fragrance), citrus paradisis, ( pink grapefruit), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), with limonene.

Bio one™ pet odour remover + refresher

Aqua, also contains non-ionic surfactant, sodium chloride, bacillus subtilis non morbificus, parfum (fragrance) with limonene, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), neroli, (citrus aurantium), citrus limonum (lemon); (all present in the natural essential oils).

Our Bio one™ range covers everything you could possibly need in the home from deep cleaning, removing all those pesky pongs and managing any nasty pet odours. And because they are vegan and chemical free they are 100% safe for children, babies and pets!!