Clean your children's toys safely

Keep Calm and Play On

Entering the kid’s bedrooms sometimes can be like entering the base of Mount Dump. It can be a minefield just navigating your way from the door to the wardrobe without having your foot sliced in half from jagged little pieces of LEGO littered e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Whilst we often stare at the carnage our kids have created sighing to ourselves as we think about tidying it up, we neglect to think about literally cleaning the toys themselves.

Did you know our children’s toys are recommended to be regularly disinfected twice a month? And our children’s bath toys should be cleansed and sanitised weekly. Did you also know children are two to three times more likely to get poorly from cold and flu due to the germs often taking residence on their favourite belongings?

With kids often leaving a trail behind them wherever they go, be it from food, rolling around on the floor or playing outside, it’s hardly surprising that their toys and gadgets can cling on to a lot of grime and sticky stuff. And whilst we understand as a parent your ‘To Do list’ is sky high with so many other chores, we realise when it comes to de-sanitising you want a product which tackles those intrusive germs and bacteria instantly. Bio One Deep Clean and Surface Cleanser does just that. If it’s a box of LEGO or some bath toys you want cleansing all you will need to do is wipe them down, spray over your Bio One Deep Clean and Surface Cleanser and let this natural, nontoxic, non-harmful defence spray eliminate any nasties. The enzymes in the spray instantly devour any bad pathogens and germs lurking on the surface of your child’s toy. After five to ten minutes, wipe away the spray and hand back your child’s beloved toys safe in the knowledge if they are chewed, slobbered on on or slept with, they have been treated with a chemical free cleansing solution.

Keep your children’s bedrooms and toys Bio One Clean, Natures Way.