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How to clean soft toys

As a parent you always know which is your child’s favourite toy – the one they never go anywhere without. But, when played with constantly, these toys can become dirty and a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Children create a lot of mess. It’s almost impossible to keep their toys squeaky clean. Taking care of beloved stuffed animals is always tricky and as they are much loved by your children, they need to be handled with extra care.

Some toys cannot go in the washing machine, so how do you get rid of dirt and germs ? Find out how to clean and care for toys with Bio one™.

Why should I use Bio one™ to clean soft toys?

We should try to disinfect our little one’s toys twice a month to remove any germs and bacteria living on them. When they do get dirty and need a makeover, Bio one™ is a must have. This powerful enzyme cleaner is not just effective, but also non-toxic, vegan and eco-friendly. Tots and toddlers love to put things in their mouths – that’s why using a product that’s safe for children, with no harsh chemicals, is essential. The natural, active enzymes within the solution disinfect fabrics, tackle pesky stains and eliminate germs.

How to clean non-washable stuffed animals and toys

Luckily for us, plenty of things that need cleaning can be popped into the washing machine. However, if you’ve got a mucky stuffed toy with no tag or washing instructions, you probably can’t take the risk. Interior stuffing, mechanical components, musical elements or glued-on embellishments can get damaged when machine-washed, so you’ll need to find an alternative.

Removing stains

It’s normal for our little ones to take their cuddly friends everywhere they go. To bed, the park and even around the dinner table. With ketchup bottles and all sorts in the kitchen, it would be a miracle if their stuffed companions survived without a single stain. If they’ve tucked into dinner and ended up covered in grime or sticky stuff, you’ll need to spot clean any stains. Make sure you use a clean, white cloth to avoid any colour transfer.

How to spot clean with Bio one™

  1. Find any sticky, crusty or grubby spots on the toy.
  2. Spray the affected areas thoroughly with Bio one™ until they’re very damp. 
  3. Delicately rub the stains in a circular motion to make sure the product gets down into the fibres.
  4. Allow the solution to soak for five to ten minutes. 
  5. If the stain has lifted, wipe off any excess with a cloth and leave to air dry. If there’s still visible dirt, repeat the process.

General cleaning

Even if your kid’s plushie looks free of visible dirt, it’s a good idea to regularly clean it to make sure it’s hygienic. Often toys don’t need a full wash, they might just be a bit smelly or dusty. Bio one™ can quickly eliminate any grease or odour – simply spray the solution onto a cloth and gently wipe over the toy to give it a subtle refresh.

Soft toy care and advice

  • Like all textiles, soft toys don’t like too much sunshine, extreme temperatures or humidity. Insects, like clothes moths, can also damage them. To keep your child’s toys clean and in the best shape, you should keep this in mind when you store and display them.
  • Always dust any teddy bears on display. Simply brush them gently or carefully vacuum by putting tights or another material over the end of the wand.
  • If you have pets, it’s a good idea to key toys out of their reach. That will help avoid any accidents and trips to the toy hospital. 
  • Leaving teddies or other soft toys in plastic boxes can damage them over time. So the best storage is a cardboard box and acid-free tissue paper. Another option is a simple cotton bag.

What are enzymes?

Don’t be fooled to think that because enzymes are natural they are less effective than chemical cleaners. Enzymes are nature’s very own powerful cleaning tools. Making them the go to choice for parents who do not want to spray harmful chemicals around their children and their home.

Simply put, enzymes are all around us performing millions of important tasks in our bodies and in nature every single day. They are a type of protein that act like a biological catalyst to speed up the break down of organic compounds.

Similarly to how saliva, (which contains enzymes), initiates the digestion process by breaking down food in our mouths, cleaning enzymes use the same ‘enzymatic digestion’ to effectively break down and eradicate the organic proteins present in urine, faeces, vomit, drool, dirt, food, and more.

This process not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the growth of bad bacteria – the root cause of those unpleasant odours – in the air, on surfaces, and within the fibres of your soft furnishings.

Try out Bio one™ baby and toddler surface cleaner today, vomit and the other nasties is what nature created enzymes for.

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