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So you skipped the spring clean, sailed through summer and now it’s nearly Christmas and you’re panicking about how to make your home fit for guests.

There’s nothing quite like the festive season to bring out our house-proud instincts and turn us all into domestic Gods and Goddesses before welcoming visitors. But if you’ve enjoyed sipping sangria in the sun or days out with the children rather than washing down windows or vacuuming sofas, how do you catch up?

Luckily there are shortcuts to bringing your home up to granny’s exacting standards of cleanliness without running yourself into a frenzy. Cleaning expert and founder of Aroma Care Solutions Quentin Steele said: “A clean home is a welcoming home and the smell is very important. Getting rid of stale odours such as damp dog and old food is a top priority because they are an immediate turn-off for visitors. The best way to banish smells is to use a bio-enzymatic agent that will break down the substances causing smells and eradicate them forever. Don’t be content to light a scented candle or room diffuser to mask the smell. For long-lasting effects, you need to really get to the bottom of the problem.”
Aroma Care Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula eradicates the substances that cause smells by harnessing the power of enzymes and nature’s bugs. It contains a Bacillus bug that is not harmful in any way to humans or animals. “When the Formula is diluted with water the bug becomes active and will stay active for up to 24 hours after application,” explained Quentin. “It produces enzymes that help it digest dirt and grot, with the only by-products being carbon dioxide and water.

“It is especially good at consuming the waste products that create the lingering odour within our homes; so, it is ideal for the ‘mini deep clean’ before Christmas, working equally well on soft furnishings and hard surfaces. And it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.”
Aroma Care Solutions also has a Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula that is particularly good at removing stains from furnishings and is anti-bacterial. Together with the Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula it will help make your home ready to welcome guests.

Christmas is an expensive time of year and every penny counts. That’s why we have created our 5 combo kits – you save money and have everything you could possibly need for that pre-Christmas clean. From the ‘Complete Kit’ to the ‘On the Go’ kit – you have everything in your arsenal to suit your needs.

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