Set of 3 Professional Grade, Extra Large Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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Set of 3 Professional Grade, Extra Large Microfibre Cleaning Cloths


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Make cleaning easier with Bio One™ microfibre cloths. Save time, money and effort when you combine the microfibre cloths with any of our Bio One™ products.

EAN: 5065005685176

Why use Microfibre?

Enhance Your Cleaning Power
Microfibre cloths naturally clean more effectively, and are able to reach into surfaces and crevices that cotton cloths fibres are too large for. Microfibre cloths are made from nylon and polyester, as opposed to cotton (which most cleaning cloths are). The benefit is that the fibers are split over 100 times smaller than human hair, creating a larger volume of fibers on the surface area, therefore making the microfibre cloths greatly more absorbent.

Contributes to Reducing Water & Product Usage
Microfibre cloths use about 10-20 times less liquid than standard cotton cloths, helping the planet and helping you..

Save your Pennies
One of the many benefits of using microfibre cloths is that they can be washed and reused hundreds of times before starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Work smarter not harder.
Microfiber requires less manual labor to clean the same area leaving more time for you and your family as they have a natural static charge that attracts dust particles and forces them to cling to the cloth.

Microfibre Cloths Are Incredible for Dusting.
You don’t need polish, just a dry microfiber duster or cloth to pick up ALL the dust and leave a shiny surface behind. Since you aren’t leaving any chemical residue behind to attract dust you’ll find that you no longer have to dust as often.

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