The Forgotten Household Floor Mop

Regular cleaning of your mop will make sure this is not the case and our Bio one™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleaner will eliminate both smells and pong causing bacteria.

It’s quick and easy. Simply dilute the formula (10ml of concentrate to 100ml of tepid water), pour it into the empty bucket and swill around. Leave the mop to soak for at least an hour. If your mop is particularly dirty and stinky, check to see if the odour is still there and  if so, make up a second batch of Odour Eliminator, place the mop in the bucket and pour the formula over the mop head.  When there is no smell, empty the contents of the bucket, rinse the mop head and now both are ready for use.

Once diluted, our Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula remains active for 24 hours.