Forgotten Germ Hotspots

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Forgotten Germ Hotspots

It’s not only hands that we need to be disinfecting on a regular basis. It is also essential to keep your home germ and bacteria free to protect yourself and your family.

The NHS recommends that you ‘use either soap and hot water to rinse the germs away, or a disinfectant to kill them.’ They also suggest that you clean germ hotspots on a regular basis, rather than the customary once-a-week deep clean and where possible use disposable cloths or paper towels, also that reusable cloths should be disinfected or washed at 60C after each use.

There are a few key areas of our daily lives that we should be focussing on, we have listed some of them below as some of them may seem obvious, but easily missed.

Disinfect your car

Your car is probably an area that hasn’t occurred to you – think of how many times a day you touch your steering wheel, door handle, seat belt and car keys – at least twice right, (and then touch your face unthinking – often in exasperation with other drivers)? That doesn’t even take into account the other areas that aren’t as frequently touched like knobs, radio, sun visor, sat nav, seats, consoles, cup holder, etc. etc. While out an d about you are exposed to millions of germs and bacteria that you can then take back to your car and create an absolute germ hotspot. 

A good idea – especially during the current pandemic is to clean and disinfect these areas on a daily basis. Disinfectant wipes are the easiest to use and can be used on most on most surfaces, excluding any leather and touchscreens. However as these are becoming less and less available a good antibacterial spray and paper towel will work just as well. rather spray onto the paper towel tho rather than the surface to ensure that your electronics are not affected in any way. 

Clean children’s toys daily

We all know (especially parents who have experienced it first hand) that it is virtually impossible to keep hands and/or toys out of children’s mouths – especially younger children. With all the slobber, snot and other moist substances that go hand and hand with children, it creates a germ breading haven.

So follow these steps to keep your family safe.

  • Clean hard or plastic toys by spraying them with an antibacterial spray (such as our Bio Enzyme Cleaner which is chemical free and vegan) and put them away once they’re clean and dry
  • Don’t forget the soft toys – some soft toys can be cleaned in the washing machine, but if not you can safely spray them with our Bio Enzyme formula which is safe for babies and children (just make sure that the fabric is wet with spray). There is no need to rinse. 
  • Toys like matchbox cars and other made from hardy materials can be safely placed in the dishwasher – just ensure you don’t use a very hot wash.

The kitchen

Your kitchen is a germ breeding ground, use these simple tips to get rid of all those nasties. 

  • Foot-operated or sensor bins are more hygienic because they reduce the risk of getting germs onto your hands from touching the bin lid
  • If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection. This will ensure that the disinfectant you are using can work at killing bacteria and not have to deal with grease or food spills.
  • After disinfecting food-prep surfaces such as cutting boards and countertops, rinse them with water before use. Although if you use Aroma Care’s Bio-Enzyme Formula it is totally safe and chemical free. 

Use disinfectant spray to clean high touch surfaces

Think about the things you and your family touch multiple times a day, from the handles on your doors at home, to remote controls, sinks, toilet flushes, fridge doors, the lost goes on. Think of how many germs are lingering on these surfaces that may not have thought of. Since home is where you’re most relaxed, you may not be as vigorous about washing your hands in your own home as you are in public areas.

Soft areas are important too

For areas like your couch, mattress and carpet that can’t be wiped down, you can use an antibacterial spray, like bio enzyme cleaner, to go after unseen germs. We suggest spraying in a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface, saturating the area (especially things like the arms on your sofa), then let dry completely before sitting down or walking on the surface.

Don’t forget your shoes

Your shoes step on a lot of gross stuff during the day and if you don’t take them off when you come into the house, you could track in viruses and other germs so make sure you are cleaning your floors wirth an antibacterial disinfectant. 

Lastly, other household areas you should consider disinfecting.

  • Your computer keyboard and mouse
  • Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers
  • TV remote and TV buttons
  • All frequently used electronics, like tablets and phones
  • Debit cards
  • Door handles
  • Hard backed chairs
  • Light switches 
  • Sinks.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions to add to the list. 

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