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Clean up poo easily

We all know what is smelly & brown

There is something about poo which can make a lot of us recoil. As well as poop being considered as something rather unsightly, it can also smell rancid too.

The reason for our poop smelling is because the bacteria in our excrement can emit gases which release an unpleasant odour. Our bodies are naturally averted to smells such as excrement, rotten food, vomit and gone off milk because this is our bodies clever response in order to protect us.

The higher the risk of contracting disease the more potent the smell will be and so naturally, the higher our disgust levels will be too.

Although toileting is a basic human requirement, it does not mean we have to put up with the lingering pong long after the loo has been flushed. We need something which eliminates odours and fast. Bio one™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleaner, is a cleaning product which performs perfectly under pressure in dire situations. This smell defender is the go-to bathroom cleaner. It’s a powerful enzyme-based cleaner in a spray bottle. Perfect for spritzing over places where poo particles may have flown to – perfect for in and around the loo seat, great for accidents which have somehow made it on the floor or other kind of surfaces. For wiping down the inside of children’s potty’s why not try the NEW Bio One™Baby and Toddler surface cleaner, especially created for the little ones.  This enzyme-based cleaner does not discriminate, so long as the soil is carbon based, the enzymes will get to work and break down bad bacteria in a matter of minutes.

Top Tip

Did you know? This is not just your regular kind of bathroom cleaner. If you are noticing a bit of a whiff, simply spray your enzyme cleaner around the room and those nifty enzymes can even tackle noxious airborne molecules. Pong be gone!

Aroma Armour

When you are a new parent or care giver, bowel movements can prove to be a hot topic of conversation. Whilst it is our duty of care to look after our vulnerable people, it does not necessarily mean we will ever get used to that aroma. We understand it is a difficult but crucial job and so we’ve formulated the Nose Odour Guard Balm. This is an instantly effective salve which you simply dab underneath your nostrils in order to block out all fetid smells. Gagging be gone! Have an aromatic haze to whiff instead.

Perfect for when dealing with nasty accidents such as pee, vomit and poo. And if that is not enough, we also have Hand and Nail Barrier Cream too. When cleaning up poop, even so much as the slightest bit touching our skin can result in the smell loitering around us for a long time afterwards. With a heavy-duty barrier cream rubbed underneath your nails and around your hands, this water-resistant solution is the ultimate defence cream which can prevent your body from wanting to recoil and regurgitate after having dealt with one of those more challenging clean-ups.

What are enzymes?

Don’t be fooled to think that because enzymes are natural they are less effective than chemical cleaners. Enzymes are nature’s very own powerful cleaning tools. Making them the go to choice for customers who do not want to spray harmful chemicals around their children and home.

Simply put, enzymes are all around us performing millions of important tasks in our bodies and in nature every single day. They are a type of protein that act like a biological catalyst to speed up the break down of organic compounds.

Similarly to how saliva, (which contains enzymes), initiates the digestion process by breaking down food in our mouths, cleaning enzymes use the same ‘enzymatic digestion’ to effectively break down and eradicate the organic proteins present in urine, faeces, vomit, drool, dirt, food, and more.

This process not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the growth of bad bacteria – the root cause of those unpleasant odours – in the air, on surfaces, and within the fibres of your soft furnishings.

Try out Bio One™ Baby and Toddler surface cleaner today, vomit and the other nasties is what nature created enzymes for

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Bio one 100% natural enzyme baby and toddler surface cleaner bundle

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