Wipe away Blue Monday

By | 20th January 2020| 0 Comments

It is said that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year and whether you believe in this mysterious phenomenon or not, it’s clear that many might well feel down in the dumps during the January period.  But there are a few simple but effective tricks and rituals that you can adopt to keep that gloom at bay. Like for instance, did you know that it’s proven that even by doing absolutely nothing for just 15 minutes per day can improve your mood? Hallelujah!!! Not for you? Well here’s a few more…

A Deep Clean

A pesky chore…or a great way to cleanse your mind? Well according to scientists, cleaning has been found to have amazing effects on our mental health as it gives us a sense of control over our environment. Also, it helps us achieve real a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment – because like how amazing does it feel after a 5-hour deep cleanse and your home is looking a solid 10/10. Like they say, a tidy home is a tidy mind! The benefits don’t stop there either. We all know that exercise releases endorphins, right? (How does this even relate, you might ask) Well so does cleaning! Cleaning is actually a great form of exercise which means it causes us to reap the same feel good benefits – plus you can also burn up to 190 calories per hour, especially if you are tackling the tougher jobs that may require a little extra effort. Makes you feel a little less guilty about skipping that gym session, doesn’t it?

Power Nap

We’re totally on board with this. It might sound a simple remedy but a solid 10-minute snooze can improve mental alertness and performance throughout the day. Which means you can have that extra surge of energy for those important daily responsibilities.   The everyday stresses of life can often leave us feeling run down and drained – which in turn can take a toll on your immune system. (The chilly January weather doesn’t exactly help with this either). But a short dose of sleep during the day can do wonders in strengthening the body’s capability to weather that stress and keep that immune system strong.

Go Outside

Yes, we understand that it’s cold but just hear us out. Spending time outdoors, especially in wide open green spaces is scientifically proven to be one of the quickest ways to improve your mental wellbeing – and if science says so it must be true, right? But, in all seriousness there have been multiple studies surrounding the impact of how a person’s environment can affect their mood and they all pretty much come to the same conclusion – just go outside. I know there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes but psychologists even suggest that a simple stroll in the park can do wonders in not only boosting your mood and mental health, but also have a positive effect on improving your physical health too. 

This tip especially applies to office workers who will more often than not spend their average workday indoors, sitting at a desk opposite a computer screen without taking so much as a couple of hundred steps – then return home and bask in front of the fluorescent lights of their T.V. Don’t worry we’re all guilty of it. But, whilst this is an easy routine to succumb to, this is super important as it’s estimated that office workers will spend an average of nearly 7 hours per day in front of a computer! Yikes!

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