5 Uses For Bio-Enzyme You Never Thought Of

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Bio-Enzyme Formula is not just for Odour Removal

Pet Accidents

We all love our pets, but our furry friends can sometimes cause a wicked whiff around the home. How many times do our pampered pets leave an unwanted present – not just on the floor, but also on the sofa and even the expensive rug? There can be no doubt that getting rid of stinky pet smells can be a challenging task at the best of times and being left without the appropriate or unnecessary cleaners can make this task even more problematic to deal with. As a result, using the correct product could be the difference between saving your carpet or it being forever ruined! The answer? Bio-enzyme products! Pet-friendly, safe to use and not harsh on the environment, enzymatic cleaners are considerably more user-friendly in comparison to traditional off-the-shelf products that may not be as effective as their labels suggest. Not to mention may contain harsh chemicals that could be damaging to your health and the health of your pet!

Sports Shoes

Unfortunately, there’s just no way around it – no matter how you try and avoid it your sports shoes will get dirty and even dare I say it, pongy. Whether you are killing yourself in the gym or running up a storm on the sports field, your feet will sweat and over time make your shoes rather (clears throat)…stink – it’s just an (awkward) fact of life. The problem is that no matter how many times you throw them in the washing machine, the smell will still linger as the pong causing bacteria is still there. But with bio-enzyme cleaners getting rid of the smell is made easy! Simply spray inside the shoe and leave to dry – the bio enzyme formula will continue to work until every nasty bacteria molecule is gone. To keep them sparkling clean they may benefit from wash too, but they will no longer stink up the place.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most streak-free reflection of them all? So many things can cause marks on your mirror – with the list ranging from water marks and daily smudges to make-up and toothpaste. Simply spray the bio-enzyme product on to the mirror, wait a few moments and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. The finger marks will disappear and the mirror will be left clean and bright.

Cleaning Grout

Is your grout looking grubby? It’s a common theme overlooking such a small area of your tiled bathroom or kitchen – yet if neglected can make both appear far dirtier than they actually are. But surely you can just scrub it and it’ll be OK right? Wrong! Cleaning grout in the incorrect manner has the potential to leave it ruined and although it’s common to use harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach to clout that grout, but come on guys…its 2019 and not only are they bad for the environment but can have long-lasting negative effects on your health. Plus, if the kitchen or bathroom grout is anything other than white, such harsh chemicals will cause the colour to fade. With an eco-friendly bio-enzyme spray, all you have to is spray, leave for a few minutes and wipe and the grout looks good as new!


Finger marks and smudges on your glasses can make life a lot less rosy. Day-to-day handling of your specs can leave troublesome prints that aren’t easy to erase. And as tempting as it is as a quick fix, sometimes the bottom corner of your shirt isn’t the best means to a smudge-free life. Simply spray with Bio Enzyme, wipe off with a soft tissue or glasses cloth and all of the finger marks and grease will have disappeared leaving the lens crystal clear.

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