From home to school, care homes to hospitals, restaurants to taxis, Aroma is perfect for all.


Aroma Care’s range of cleaning products, serve as versatile solutions for cleaning and odour management across all areas.

When incidents occur, you need a product that will work quickly and effectively, leaving your floors and furniture, and any carpets or curtains, looking and smelling as good as new in no time. The use of wrong or ineffective products can not only be time consuming it can leave you with a permanent stain or odour on your carpet or furniture, no matter how much you wash, spray or scrub. 



Aroma Care products are perfect for the mess and grime that accompanies babies, toddlers and children.

When little accidents happen, Aroma Care is there to gently provide the clean up operation and let your little ones get back to fun and games.

All products are 100% child and pet friendly.


Pets bring joy, fun and love into our lives. They also bring mess, dirt and odours.

Animal pee, poo and vomit can occur anywhere, anytime. Your home or clinic doesn’t need to reek of the consequences!

Easily clean and deodorise any accident, anywhere with the Aroma Care Solutions for home – and our travel packs for ‘on the go’.


When you’re running a care home or even caring for someone at home, you want it to smell fresh and hygienic – but more like home and less like a hospital.

Bio-enzymes work because they ‘eat up’ the chemicals that give rise to lingering odours in bodily fluid stains.  The Bio-Enzyme Formula’s biological action also crowds out ‘bad’ bacteria in spillages – preventing them from creating more smells later


Aroma Care Solutions’ Little Accident Box has everything you need to clean up on the go, including protective equipment and Absorbent Aromatic Granules to soak up the mess.

Accidents at home are bad enough – when there are clean clothes, baths, showers and cleaning products to hand. But what if you are in the car, the park or visiting friends? If you don’t tackle urine and vomit spills on chairs, cushions and carpets they can soak in and create lingering smells that won’t go away, especially in enclosed spaces such as family cars.


Cafes and Restaurants need the aroma of fresh coffee, baked bread and gorgeous dishes roasting in the kitchen.

But there’s no greater way to clear a space than with an unfortunate accident. Clean up may be quick, but if the aroma of vomit – or worse – remains, diners will quickly make alternative plans. Making sure your Aroma Care back up plan is in place will ensure that not only are mess and odours quickly and hygienically cleared, but you’ll minimise anyone ever knowing it happened!

Customers reviews

What People Say

The Little Accident Box means I can go out and about with my disabled son without worrying about his vomiting episodes. I have everything I need for a quick and discreet clean up.
After seeing how bio-enzyme works I thought I would give it a go on the filters of my cooker hood. Normally the sticky dusty residue that collects in them are very difficult to clean. I simply sprayed on the bio-enzyme formula and left it for 10 mins. When I came back, I could not believe how easy it was to wipe off. It had dissolved all of the nasty sticky dirt, and left my filters as if they were brand new. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Well done Aroma for creating a wonderful product.