Cleaning Tips for first time parents

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If you’re a time-poor, sleep-deprived new mum or dad (or you’re about to be), you can never have enough tricks up your sleeve when it comes to cleaning. From freeing your car seat of that precious baby puke scent to getting your hands back with some babywearing, we’ve got you covered with these seven newborn-safe, chemical-free tips. 

Tip 1: Declutter before your due date

Make life as a new parent easier by decluttering before your baby arrives. Get rid of unloved ornaments, lidless tupperware boxes, old textbooks and anything else that just sits around taking up space and gathering dust. 

You will need: time, boxes or bags


  1. Go through your house room by room sorting your possessions into piles.
  2. Create one pile for things to keep, another for things to discard or recycle and another for things that can be passed on to someone else or given to charity.
  3. Sort unwanted possessions into bags or boxes to take to charity or give to family or friends. 

Tip 2: Keep changing areas smelling fresh with homemade deodoriser 

No one wants unpleasant smells lingering in their home but spraying aerosols and air fresheners could be damaging to your little one’s health. Thankfully, making your very own natural deodoriser is simple. 

You will need: Baking powder, glass jar, twine or ribbon


  1. Fill a glass jar halfway with baking soda.
  2. Wrap twine or ribbon around the rim to make the jar look like an attractive decorative feature.
  3. Place near the changing table to keep the air fresh.

Tip 3: Tackle those ‘little accidents’ with natural products

Despite your best efforts, accidents will happen. Whether it’s your baby’s cot mattress, their car seat, their pram or their playmat, this trick will help you to get rid of all sorts of odours, and it will help to reduce staining too.

You will need: Aroma Care Bio-Enzyme Formula, gloves


  1. Get rid of any solid material and wipe the affected area clean.
  2. Dilute Bio-Enzyme Formula with water, using one part formula to 10 parts water.
  3. Apply generously and work into the affected area stain.
  4. Remove excess and leave to dry.
  5. Repeat if necessary.
  6. If the stain is not entirely gone, you can spray some Aroma Care Textile Cleansing Formula.

Tip 4: Keep baby clothes looking new with lemon juice and salt

Whether your babe always gravitates to the baked beans at baby sensory class or they’re making their first foray in the world of solid food, it can be hard to keep those adorable outfits looking good. With this hack, though, getting rid of stains is easy peasy lemon-squeezy.

You will need: a lemon, salt, a toothbrush


  1. Cut a lemon in half.
  2. Squeeze some juice onto the stain. 
  3. Sprinkle salt on the affected area.
  4. Gently scrub the stain with a toothbrush. 
  5. Rinse under cool water and add more lemon juice to the area. 
  6. Once dry, launder in the washing machine as usual. 

Tip 5: Keep towels baby-soft with baking soda

When it comes to your baby’s delicate skin, only the fluffiest towels will do. Use this trick to ensure every bathtime ends in snuggly softness. 

You will need: baking soda, non-bio washing detergent


  1. Every time you wash your towels, add half a cup of baking soda to your laundry load. 
  2. Add your usual non-bio detergent.
  3. Wash at 60℃.

Tip 6: Use the dishwasher to clean toys

While it’s natural for babies to explore the world with their mouths, it’s important to protect your little one from harmful bacteria and other nasties by routinely cleaning their toys. This quick trick will leave even your tot’s most well-loved toys gleaming.

You will need: a dishwasher, a colander, dishwasher safe toys


  1. Ensure the toys are made of plastic and have no fabric, batteries or non-watertight openings.
  2. Place the toys in a colander before putting them on the rack to prevent them from falling off.
  3. Wash on the gentlest cycle. 

Tip 7: Babywear to get on with household chores

While new parents should cut themselves a break when it comes to keeping the house picture-perfect, if you find yourself getting frustrated by piles of unwashed dishes and overflowing laundry baskets while you’re nap-trapped under a baby who’s only content lying on you, it might be a good idea to invest in a carrier. The right one could see you vacuuming while your baby snoozes or finally getting around to emptying your cold cup of coffee while your little one feeds.

You will need: a baby carrier


  1. Do some research into the different kinds of baby carriers available.
  2. Read up about safe babywearing. 
  3. Visit a local sling library or use an online one for expert advice and to try out a range of slings and find out what suits you and your baby. 
  4. Once you’ve found a sling you like and have figured out how to use it properly, practise babywearing around the house while ticking little jobs off your to-do list. 

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