Cleaning up travel sickness

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Cleaning up travel sickness on the go as brits head off on staycation

Traffic jams, travel sickness and the chance of rain – just some of the challenges millions of Brits will face this summer as they head off for a “staycation”.

Whether it’s due to Brexit, a weak pound or the hope of a repeat of last year’s hot summer, more than half of us are planning to spend all or most of our holiday breaks in the UK. And with Cornwall and Scotland being the top two destinations, there will be a lot of road miles to cover when the schools break up in July.

Families and people prone to travel sickness face hours on the road – and this year they are being freed from their worries with the Little Accident Box from Aroma Care Solutions. Conveniently sized to pack away in the car, the Little Accident Box contains everything needed to discreetly mop up three messes “on the go”, from protective masks and gloves to bio-hazard disposal bags and an antibacterial textile cleaner to get rid of stains.

“Being sick on the way to your holiday, or on a day out, is never fun,” said Quentin Steele, cleaning expert and co-founder of Aroma Care Solutions. “Having the right equipment to hand to clean up quickly and effectively makes all the difference – that’s where our Little Accident Box comes in. “Whether it’s a child being sick or a family pet having an accident, the Little Accident Box allows you to clean it up without fuss or bother wherever you are. Simply don the protective equipment, sprinkle the absorbent granules, scrape away the mess, use the textile cleanser and pop it all into a bio-hazard bag afterwards.

“And if you want a bit of extra oomph use our Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula afterwards to eradicate offensive odours and prevent them from coming back.”

Designed for use both in the home and on the move, Aroma Care Solutions’ range of expertly formulated products combine the antibacterial action of colloidal silver with pleasant scents from pure, essential oils.

The Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula is effective at removing stains of urine, faeces and vomit from soft furnishings, including car interiors, and the added silver will protect against “bad” bacteria that create more smells.

For the best results, Aroma Care Solutions recommends its Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula which contains “good bacteria” that produce enzymes which then work together to eat up materials causing the bad smells. It is effective on urine, faeces and vomit, breaking down the messy particles into substances which don’t smell.

The Little Accident Box contains nitrile gloves, disposable face masks, plastic aprons, scrapers, Aromatic Absorbent Granules, antibacterial wipes, bio-hazard bags and the Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula and is available at a RRP of £19.99.

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