Do Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Actually Work?

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Environmentally Friendly

The Debate Continues

Why do the ‘masses’ regard eco-friendly cleaning products to be less effective than their hazardous counterparts? Is it a lack of understanding? Scepticism? There a variety of dynamics that point to where this myth originated from, but in summary – it’s just seriously hard to change generations of behaviours and preconceptions.

Granted, building what could only be described as ‘weapons of mass disinfection’ under a kitchen sink may prepare someone for any cleaning catastrophe, but who has the time, space or energy for such a feat? Even the experts say that stocking up on such an elaborate cleaning arsenal just isn’t necessary. Especially as in many cases, less products are needed – therefore less plastic. Plus, environmentally friendly cleaners are just as, or even more effective as off-the-shelf products and pack a serious punch in ridding your home of unpleasant nasties.

Take Bio-Enzyme products for instance. Such products can be used for deep surface cleaning, bathroom cleaners, glass and stainless shiners, carpet spotters, odour eliminators, and eliminating nasty bacteria. Who would’ve thought right?! Enzyme cleaners use the power to nature’s own naturally forming enzymes to increase good bacteria that eats the bad bacteria. Simple! Yet consumers still overlook products that knock the socks off sticky stains or stinky smells and insist on unnecessarily stockpiling an army of harsh cleaners. It’s also worth mentioning that harsh products such as air-fresheners or sprays are pretty ineffective as they fail at targeting the source.

So, what are the benefits? Eco-friendly cleaners are not only highly effective, but are far better for you long-term (I think we’ve all spluttered on the odd occasion from over-spraying) and without stating the obvious healthier for the environment.

Why would the environment be affected if cleaning products are confined to a home you might ask?

When using harsh chemicals in toilets, sinks, dishwashers, or other appliances, the chemicals are eventually rinsed down the drain and over time this leads to water pollution, impacts our ozone and has an overall negative effect on the local wildlife…which just plain sucks!

In reality it is difficult to argue that conventional household cleaners fail to do the job as a basic surface cleaner. But likewise, it is problematic to claim they don’t come with their hidden nasties.

Scientists have even warned that regular use of customary sprays and air fresheners is comparable to smoking 20 cigarettes a day…yikes!

This is why so many people love Eco-friendly cleaning. Using only non-toxic elements, green cleaners have the added advantage of being completely safe to use around pets and small children. (Go green cleaners!) Without becoming scare-tactic-y again according to the expert’s animals and small children have been found to be more susceptible to harsh cleaners than we are – which is why getting rid of those toxic nasties will do wonders for making your home a healthy home. And let’s be honest, no one can put a price on that! 

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