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How long does enzyme cleaner take to work?

How long does enzyme cleaner take to work?

Understand how long it takes for enzyme cleaners to work and why it’s important to choose the right cleaning product.

We’ve all encountered odours that linger and seem permanent, such as those brought on by urine, faeces, dogs, vomit, or strong food odours from milk, eggs, seafood, and spicy foods. Some odours just won’t go away no matter how often you sponge, clean, spritz, or soak them.

Why? Because cleaning alone won’t get rid of the bacteria that are causing the issue!

Bacteria and Enzymes … Better Together

Enzymes are not alive, despite popular perception. They are produced by live bacteria which pave the way for them to work. Enzymes function as useful agents that catalyse (increase the rate of) reactions between bacteria and soils, improving the efficiency of the bacteria. Complex waste materials are broken down by enzymes into smaller fragments that bacteria can absorb more readily.

How to get the biggest bang from your enzyme cleaning

It’s crucial to pick the right bio-enzymatic cleaner for the type of mess you’re cleaning. Choosing a product that works to eliminate the problem rather than just masking it is extremely important. Choosing a product that is 100% natural and eco-friendly is even better.

Bio one™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleaner combat the source of the problem at its root cause, with the natural power of enzymes teaming to eradicate the odour. It is 100% natural and toxin-free for safe use around Children, Pets and eco-friendly for the Environment. Wherever the smell may be, Bio one™ Odour Eliminator + Surface Cleaner revolutionises cleaning using organic-based enzymes to blitz the carbon-based residue which breeds the bacteria causing the lingering smell. With the beautiful natural oils of Grapefruit & Tea Tree, your home will be smelling great again in no time.

Bio one™ odour + surface cleaner is suitable for:

  • Hard surfaces
  • Furniture
  • Soft furnishings
  • Carpets, tiles & floors
  • Clothes & shoes
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • In the car
  • Pet’s bedding & trays
  • In the air

The process

Bio one™ conveniently comes in a concentrated form, so one bottle will last a long time- helping to reduce plastic waste. The enzymes used are harmless bacteria derived from nature. They biodegrade and break down dirt fast, all you must bear in mind is that as long as the area remains damp, it’s working.

  1. Gently start to wake those enzymes up by adding a small quantity of Bio one™ to your mix + spray bottle (or any spray bottle you have to hand), top up with normal tap water and shake well to activate. This will ‘power up’ your freshwater with millions of multiplying enzymes.
  2. Keep the surface damp and give it enough time to get to work. If allowed time to dwell these grime-hungry enzymes biodegrade dirt, melt away stubborn grease stains, and eliminate odour and airborne smells. Whether it’s on upholstery or hard surfaces, these enzymes will work.
  3. Ensure you have thoroughly scraped or blotted the area first and then liberally spray.
  4. Leave the spray to set in for five minutes (if not longer) to give the enzymes the chance to do their job. As it’s mostly made up of water you can spray as much as you like.
  5. Your enzyme cleaning spray continues to work for up to 24-48 hours once spritzed.

What are enzymes?

Don’t be fooled to think that because enzymes are natural they are less effective than chemical cleaners. Enzymes are nature’s very own powerful cleaning tools. Making them the go to choice for customers who do not want to spray harmful chemicals around their pets, children and their home.

Simply put, enzymes are all around us performing millions of important tasks in our bodies and in nature every single day. They are a type of protein that act like a biological catalyst to speed up the break down of organic compounds.

Similarly to how saliva, (which contains enzymes), initiates the digestion process by breaking down food in our mouths, cleaning enzymes use the same ‘enzymatic digestion’ to effectively break down and eradicate the organic proteins present in urine, faeces, vomit, drool, dirt, food, and more.

This process not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the growth of bad bacteria – the root cause of those unpleasant odours – in the air, on surfaces, and within the fibres of your soft furnishings.

Try out Bio one™ today, vomit and the other nasties is what nature created enzymes for.

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