Spritz away the stain

Protect your soft furnishings

When you are house proud and a spillage happens, it can be a heart in the mouth moment when trying to treat it. There is nothing more nerve wracking than tending to a stain and not being totally certain it can be erased.

Bio one™ Deep Clean + Surface Cleanser is the product to relieve you of that terror. This product does exactly what it says on the bottle. It doesn’t matter whether the accidents happened on the sofa, a dining room chair or the rug, (in fact anything made of fabric- this cleaning product doesn’t discriminate). It works via natural enzymes. The enzymes act as a powerful biological army, which, when sprayed, go about dismantling the biological components which have caused the stain, odour and germs embedded in the textile fibres. All you need to do is make sure that whatever’s been spilt (say, for example, spaghetti bolognaise on the dining chair) the bulk of the matter is removed first, then sponge down, spritz on your enzyme busting spray, wait a few minutes for the solution to activate. Agitate and repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

Don’t be afraid to choose those suede dining chairs just because you have young children. With a product like Bio one™ Deep Clean + Surface Cleanser  on hand you can be assured that you have a cleaning product at the ready that can totally erase whatever accident may come your way.

Be house proud, no matter the chaos going on in your home.

Whatever the challenge, Bio One is rearing to go.