Removing the smell of vomit

Whether it’s an adult virus, baby sickness, children’s tummy bug, maternity morning sickness, heat stroke, food poisoning, travel sickness, or over-indulgence - vomit is a fact of life for all ages. Despite this, there’s something about vomit that induces extreme reactions in many people. 

In evolutionary terms, vomit is associated with infection, toxicity, or something that has gone rotten or bad. Our brain is designed to avoid the source of such things, to protect us. So, this is why sometimes we see a chain reaction – one person vomiting can cause others in close proximity to vomit, too. It’s all in the odour – a very distinctive alarm of potentially something bad – that causes the reaction: an early warning mechanism in the olfactory system.
So although dealing with vomit is part of life, we need to be able to eliminate the source quickly and counteract the ongoing malaise and feeling of general unwellness that the odour of vomit can cause to the wider household.

Fortunately, we live in a world where Bio one has been invented.

Forget trying to mask the smell (you can’t) – and we all know that opening windows and closing the doors only has limited effect. The smell will linger for hours, days or even weeks if untreated.

So – let’s get to work. Vomit be gone!

  1. First, scoop up and dispose of any solid matter. You can protect yourself with our disposable gloves and apron, and use our mask or nose guard balm to protect your own reaction from the odour during the process.
  2. Take your diluted Bio one in your spray bottle and apply generously to the affected area.
  3. Now wait. The longer you leave it, the more it keeps working. But remember – while it’s wet, it’s working! So keep spraying to keep the area damp. You’ll know you’re done when the smell is gone!
  4. Now, remove any excess moisture with a soft, dry cloth and leave to air dry. Finished a bit too soon? Slight odour still remaining? No problem, just spray again and keep damp till the odour has vanished.

A problem solved in minutes, not days. A permanent solution, not just masking and avoiding!