So, it’s Veganuary – have you taken the pledge?

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Since 2014 Veganuary has inspired over half a million people, in 178 countries to take the pledge and embrace all things Vegan every January. Everyone has their own motives for taking up Veganuary this month with reasons varying from Veganism’s health and environmental benefits to ending animal suffering through exploitation – which is of course ace!

But did you know that Veganism is not just about embracing a plant-based diet? Veganism as a practice is all about excluding as far as possible all forms of exploitation of animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. So basically, anything that involves the use of animals is a NO-GO. This is often forgotten about when people think of Veganism, as usually more often than not the diet is the only aspect of the movement that springs to mind. But there’s so much more to Veganism and Veganuary! For instance, have you ever considered using Vegan household cleaning products? No? Well…whether you’re a seasoned Vegan or taking that Veganuary pledge for the first time you may want to consider what household products you buy!

Why you ask? Well did you know that across Europe and the UK, countless animals die every year due to product testing in everyday conventional household products such as washing up liquid, all-purpose cleaners and air fresheners? Surely not you say? Unfortunately, yes. Even today, this is very much a harrowing reality as currently, there is no legislation that prevents animal testing on household products. There are only laws in place that prohibit the sale of cosmetic products that have been development using animal testing – not household products. As a result, many off-the-shelf conventional brands that you will see at everyday stores exploit this and routinely test on animals. This means that rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and fish will be regularly tested on to test the products’ effect on anything from skin irritation to toxicity. Yikes right!

So, don’t just stop your Veganuary pledge at swapping your beloved sausage rolls for their Vegan counterparts. Take that one step further and fully embrace the movement by questioning the everyday products you by as you could be at risk of supporting brands (some of which are some of the largest within the UK) that believe testing on animals is OK. Thousands of animals are suffering in laboratories for the development of ever emerging new household products so next time you pay a visit to your local supermarket leave that bottle of air freshener on the shelf and consider using cruelty free, Vegan accredited household products. Plus, as an added bonus these won’t trigger a chemical cloud in the home, affecting the health of all those in it – especially pets and little ones – and will improve your personal environmental footprint! Come on guys, it’s 2020 we all need to make any changes we can to save this poor planet of ours.

Vegan Pro Tip: Aroma now has 5(!) Vegan Society registered products! Although that doesn’t mean that any of our other products are tested on, or contain any animal by products, we just haven’t filled out the paperwork on the rest coz you know, life.

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