The easy way to clean a dirty shower head

By | 28th February 2019| 0 Comments

There are two easy ways to clean your shower head – the difference simply depends on the size of the head.

For a smaller shower head, dilute 10ml of AromaCare Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Formula in 100ml of tepid water. Our Bio-Enzyme Formula will attack and help eradicate bacteria and even soften the limescale on your shower head. Simply pour the solution into a plastic bag and use a rubber band to hold it in place around the shower head for several hours. Once removed, scrub off the residue with a toothbrush and rinse and replace.

For a larger shower head, detach the head and place it into a bucket containing approximately 30ml of Aroma Care Solutions’ Bio-Enzyme Formula and 300ml of tepid water. Ensure the shower head is covered by the solution and leave to soak for several hours, occasionally scrubbing off the residue with a toothbrush. Repeat as necessary. When finished, rinse off and reattach.

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