How to get your teenager more hands-on when it comes to cleaning

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Although teenage years can be some of the best of our lives, there’s no denying that hormones are raging during this time – and this can cause tensions in the household. As a parent, you might have experienced many a battle of wills with your teen.

For example, it may seem impossible to motivate your teenager to help with any of the cleaning chores around the home. Bedrooms will often be left looking untidy, school work might clutter up the dining room table and for the majority of parents, it will feel like you’re facing a losing battle.

Here at Aroma Care we know how important cleaning is, so we recently created a blog post which shared some useful cleaning tips for first-time parents. We wanted to expand this further and look at ways in which you can instill some motivation into your teenager when it comes to helping with cleaning around the home.

Create a schedule for the whole family

One of the best ways to approach the matter is to create a schedule which doesn’t look like you’re targeting the teenagers within your household. Create a list of all the cleaning chores which need completing on a daily or weekly basis and assign individual tasks to all members of the family, so everyone can see the chores are being divided equally.

Once you have created your schedule, display it somewhere clearly visible so each member of the family can see what their assigned chores are. After each chore has been completed, you can tick them off and see just how well you’re all working as a team.

Set cleaning rewards as an incentive

The majority of teenagers like to live a sociable lifestyle and because of this, will often want money to go out with their friends. As a parent, you can use this to your advantage and create an allowance for when each task has been completed.

You can either set rewards of certain amounts for different cleaning jobs that have been completed. For example, you may feel like mopping the kitchen and dining room floor is a fairly lengthy task compared to hoovering the living room, so you may want to allow a higher allowance for this chore. Alternatively, you could offer a set amount at the end of each week if all cleaning tasks have been completed.

Teach them useful skills

Whenever you get a chance, try to teach your teen some valuable cleaning skills that they’ll be able to use throughout their lives. For example,  if you find a stain on an item of your son or daughter’s clothing, rather than just sorting it out without them even knowing, you can use this opportunity to show them what to do. Some stains won’t be removed by a simple wash, so you may have to use a more targeted cleaning product.

You may feel like you’re losing the cleaning war against your rebellious teenagers, but you could turn this around in no time and have them helping with the chores. By following the simple steps we’ve mentioned and creating your own plan, you should feel like keeping the house clean and tidy is more of a family task, rather than something you have to do on your own.

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