A little guide on how to use the stars of the show!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that our clients want PRODUCTS THAT WORK. That’s why WE WORK to harness the power of the natural world to bring your home nature’s greatest cleaning super-powers.

Here’s how to get the best out of our products (it’s easy, we promise).

Bio-Enzyme Formula

Banishing odours and deep cleaning like you wouldn’t believe!

We call this our miracle multi-purpose product. Its original intended use was for permanent odour removal however, after extensive practical testing, we can assert its myriad uses for everything from cleaning glass, shower heads, water marks, babies’ high-chairs, smelly mops …to anything and everything kitchen, bathroom and car related.

Plus, it’s antibacterial, so clean really means clean!

Try it out on your kitchen cupboards – remember that colour and shine?

But let’s not forget its original odour properties – whether from toddler’s toileting accidents, pet bedding or vomit in the car, it’s a completely natural (chemical free) product that uses the power of natural enzymes that ‘eat away’ the source of the smell; completely removing it – for good!

It’s so easy to use!


Dilute 1 part formula to 10 parts tepid water – the markers on the spray bottle will help!


Remove all solid matter and pat (don’t rub, as that will spread the stain) the area with a cloth.


Spray the diluted formula onto the area, ensuring that it is saturated. For really set in nasty smells you may need to agitate it a little with your hand (use gloves if the thought of touching the area grosses you out).


Then the secret is to ‘spray and walk away’. Remember, it is an organic, chemical free formula – and these professional grime-busters want to take their time feasting on all the grotty bits until they are totally gone – this can take up to 24hrs!  Just leave them to do their work!


The Bio Enzyme Formula actually has a slight natural stain removal action to it, as the grot is removed, coincidentally, often the stain is, too. However, for stubborn stains, spray with the Textile Cleansing Formula afterwards.

Textile Cleansing Formula

Best for blitzing stubborn stains!

This is our stain buster.

Nothing complicated to do, just spray it on, give it a really good rub with a damp cloth and watch the stain disappear.

Occasionally you may need to reapply if the stain is really set in or the pigment colour is dense, but usually one spray is enough.

It can be used on anything fabric related; from rugs, curtains, baby clothes, sports kits and so on and so on (it is also safe on delicate fabrics and wool). For clothes, spray on the stain, throw them in the wash and hey presto – stain removed!

It smells amazing and includes natural botanicals like geranium, lavender and chamomile. And like our Bio-Enzyme, it gains bonus points for being antibacterial!

Don’t forget that this product is part of our dynamic duo so works perfectly with the Bio-Enzyme Formula. The dynamic duo of freshness and fragrance!

Heavy Duty Odour Control Powder

Pong. Gone.

For fast use without dampening, our heavy-duty odour control formula freshens with a gorgeous spa inspired fresh scent, blended with pure natural essential oils.
The powder has been created to immediately mask any ingrained smell of urine and other bodily fluids – or even pet odour – without the need for irritating chemicals.

This is safe cleaning in action and is a 100% pet and human friendly!