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protect your hands

Clean up protection for your hands

You are precious - protect yourself from grime and odours even while you clean.

Everything you need to keep clean - while you clean.

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Keeping you protected

  • Aroma Cares

Caring for the carers, caring for people’s needs. Aroma Cares.

Our Aroma Cares range, beautifully fragranced with essential oils, is created with natural and caring ingredients to nourish and protect, even with the most nastiest of clean up tasks! Our range of protective masks, protective balms, nose guards, soothing hand washes and sanitisers, provide a completely protective range to look after your wellbeing. Our innovative product range looks at the situations that occur and cleverly and quietly allow some of the most embarrassing situations to be eliminated.

Protect your wellbeing whilst cleaning

Caring for you

Protect your wellbeing in cleaning

Cleaning is a given – damaging your hands in the process is not. With barriers, sanitisers, moisturisers – and even protective nose guard formulas to help with the toughest tasks – Aroma Cares about you – the champion of the home clean! Put on your Aroma armour and emerge from the task with protected hands, surrounded by gentle essential oil scents, without wading through the odour clouds to do it. Protecting yourself is the modern way to approach the task – self-care, even as you are caring for your home and others – is the mindful way to enjoy cleaning.

Aroma Cares about you – so the Aroma Cares range is designed to care for you, and for those you care for. We have clever and creative solutions to preserve dignity, simplify life when things are more difficult, support people who need extra care, refresh, renew, revive environments – giving everyone the freshness they deserve.

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Aroma Cares range helps by:

  • Protecting and softening hands
  • Sanitising and protecting from bacteria
  • Protecting from odours and clean up smells
  • Simplifying complex cleaning tasks
  • Getting to work first time, every time – leaving more time, for you time.

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